a mantra from the sages

Do not
search for the truth.
Only cease to have opinions.

Why? Truth is already the case.
It’s everywhere,
and how
can’t be
any other way.

How can the truth be everywhere?
Consider this:
It‘s the truth lies have been told, etc. etc.

Truth is what is happening.

We go around all day automatically judging.
We don’t choose to do it because it has become automatic
and is one of the mind’s ways of
staying in control.

Can we let things be?
Can we stop judging?
Does this mean we shouldn’t try to change
unfortunate situations? I don’t think so.

It does mean truth will
continue on its unstoppable
course no matter what we do.

The sages say accepting the previous sentence and having a
meditation practice will put us on a new and better path.

Should we start attempting to notice our constant judging and language use? Is there a HOW to do this?
Here’s a suggestion I’ve come across, and I’m sorry to say I’ve forgotten where I encountered it:

All of a sudden stop doing what you are doing and notice the space and sounds where you are without judging or thinking anything and wait for and notice your first thought. Feel the space and notice sounds, and notice the coming in and going out of breath while waiting for that first thought.

Remembering to do this several times a day is a good start, and it can be done almost anywhere and at any time. This exercise can be used as a type of meditation. We may begin to notice our thinking and be able to stop our thoughts for a while with a simple choice.


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