the two parts

Is it that religion has become a ritual? If so, what should it be? True religion is not actions one can do. It is an inner consciousness, an inner awakening, say the sages.

We now exist in two parts. One is the ego which is our identity and is not a physical thing, and the second is our physical being, the human animal. Nonstop language use keeps the identity in place. Understanding this is the first step to an inner awakening.

The next step is to find a way to break the language spell.

To do this, the sages recommend one should develop a meditation practice. This is done by sitting relaxed in a quiet place and with eyes closed paying attention only to your breath or by repeating a mantra. (A mantra like Auummm for example.)

Morality are the rules we use for interacting with others and ourselves. Religion is the highest way to interact with ourselves. Authentic religion, say the sages, is concerned with what we are and not what we do.

Religion unites us with our source. Our source is nature. Nature is our root which we have forgotten. Religion brings us back to the source and makes us whole.

We don’t have to go about changing things. Of course changing things to obtain better health is always a good thing to do and has little to do with one’s religious urge. The fear of an eternity of suffering or bliss is not a religious urge. A religious urge may give us a sense of spiritual ripeness.

We are talking about ideas now which give us knowledge; however, we can go one step more to understanding. Understanding is how we prepare to use knowledge.

Understanding reveals religion as not something social. Religion is not concerned with others. Religion is personal. A seeker needs the capacity to be alone.

The fulfillment for which we search is already inside of us. Nothing needs to be added. Religion is not concerned with scriptures or words which includes these words.

Silence is the path.
Our nature is to be whole and we are not experiencing it.

So say the sages. I am only a paraphraser.


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