fantasy future


Religion and the hope for an existence after death led to the creation of various systems of magical religious thinking.

I no longer believe in these types of magical scenarios. Magic of any sort cannot defeat the laws of nature.

Logic and reason tell me it’s a fantasy for an omniscient and omnipotent supreme being to exist with its purpose being to punish or reward human beings forever and ever and ever without end.

Doesn’t this construct of a supreme being give one a sense this fantasy future of horrendous punishment and heavenly bliss was created by humans wanting to use others and their money? It was a conspiracy, and today it has evolved into a sincere and mostly positive cultural activity.

If there were a just and all-knowing god, wouldn’t it punish or reward justly but not forever?

Our present knowledge of evolution, which is based on the continuing development of science, does away with the idea of needing a God for us to exist.

There will always be believers, and we all have a right to believe as we please whether it’s logical or not.


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