four big questions

What am I?
From where did I appear?
Why do I exist?
How long will I exist?

When one pays attention to religious leaders, one lives in a dream filled with hope, fear, and faith which has a narrow path with rules and is supported only by the belief in the existence of an all-powerful god or many gods.

Here’s my attempt to answer the four big questions:

1) What am I? I’m an automatic electrical pattern in my animal’s brain. I’m what is called an identity or ego. My main function is being my animal’s choosing mechanism. I’m not a physical entity. The soul is a human invention on which an afterlife depends.

2) From where did I appear? My animal’s brain gave birth to me (a social necessity) during the first few years of my animal’s life.

3) Why do I exist? My father fertilized my mother’s egg.

4) How long will I exist? Based on logic and science, I will exist only until I have no physical support from my being (my human animal) which is my everything and the one supplying my ride and talents.

A bonus question: What about religion?

It’s my opinion to get somewhere spiritually, one must cast oneself out of the house of belief into the infinite world of not knowing for sure. No formal religion is needed. For those who seek, fulfillment is inside themselves, not churches.

Agnostics are probably on the right path. It’s the path where one graduates to the understanding “I cannot know for sure about the existence of a god or gods and it’s OK.”

I know meditation and recommend it. It’s the only way I can stop my mental chatter and enter the shrine of silence. Meditation is my link to reality which includes my pure and innocent animal being.


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