We constantly fill our present moments with language by thinking, speaking, listening and reading. There are exceptions like noticing the dramatic moments in sports, coming upon a magnificent vista rounding curve or corner, etc.

We are trapped in thoughts which is normal for us. If we can stop our habitual use of language for a good length of time, we will become more and more aware of the present moment which contains everything. If practiced regularly, one might come to know our oneness with the universe via meditation.

Meditation is a tool and needs to be used correctly to be useful. One’s attitude is key. Not striving for some outcome is the main teaching. Having to have is a road block. So what is to be done? Have no goals or desires clinging in our minds. Know the advantages of meditating and then let them go. Simply do and be. Relaxed action without motives is the the way to meditate and the way to live. There is no hurry. Be yourself.

So say the sages…


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