the thing which makes the room

Are past and future real and not real at the same time? Not real because they are ideas but real because they take up actual time in the present thinking about them. It is their setting that makes them real, their stage, the present. Is it that the past and future can only inhabit the present?

Are the last moment and the next moment always established on the thin sides of the present? Is the answer “no” because I’ve inherited a linear time line because it’s so practical and useful and try to apply this linear time line I exist in to the only thing around: the immeasurable thinness of a vertical present?

Is time the thing which makes the room for every thing else? Or is time created by matter the instant it is created? Is every thing else (energy and awareness) like a fountain and we’re floating in the froth at the top as tiny psychological bubbles which will eventually pop?

The fantastic four: time energy awareness space.


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