Hello, I’m Marvin. Welcome to my blog.

I’m a graduate of Toccoa Falls College (62) and Dallas Theological Seminary (66). After leaving the ministry in June of 1970, I began a search for something to replace Christianity in my life and found it when I learned how to meditate. Over the years I studied personal fulfillment and self-improvement. Fortunately some of it stuck. The most important thing I learned is I’m responsible whether I acknowledge it or not.

Over the years, I read the ancients, their advice, songs and poems, and made a hobby of jotting down questions that came up and creating summaries of useful information.

I’m not enlightened and know it, and I’m enjoying the adventure. My book Discovering the Obvious shares much of what I’ve gleaned over the years and my thinking about what is possible for the human race.

My desire is to publicize the core of ancient truths by putting their ideas in straight forward words and coming to this information from different angles. Why do this? Why not take advantage of our new digital world to broadcast these truths again with a “not knowing for sure” element to them? And it’s fun. 

I hope you enjoy the site,
Marvin L Morrison

Books Authored:
Word City: A New Language Tool
Word Finder: The Phonic Key to the Dictionary
Morrison’s Sound-It-Out Speller
Discovering the Obvious

10 thoughts on “About

    • Thank you prakashbeth for your comment. I have read Krishnamurti and found him to be an extraordinary person with practical knowledge to share and is backed up by his life. We all stand on the shoulders of giants.

      • I too was like you searching…. but after listening / reading UG… then search has been called off….
        because there is nothing to find… nothing to search…

  1. prakashbeth, thank you for your comment.
    Is there no need to search because the mystery is inside of us and everywhere else too but it’s too awesome fit into language? Is it that we are not separate from the cosmos?

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