life is a search

If life is a search for purpose and completion (often called “meaning”), what type of life is best? One type is about the desire of making lots of money and is tempting but crowded with sharks of many descriptions where large sums of money can be made and lost by participating.

There are other ways to live where there is one satisfactory completion after another and where there’s love, joy, peace, and gratitude.

Both rich and poor and almost all in-between are in existence’s constant here and now-ness and are constantly thinking, breathing, getting thirsty, working, being hungry, interacting with people, and getting older, yet we don’t know we are missing most of reality, and for humanity, it has been this way for a long-long time.

So, I ask myself, do I have to be rich or famous to live a meaningful life, and I’m thinking…of course not, living a meaningful life is what freedom is about. How do we opt out of the race for fame and/or riches for an normal, everyday life, given the chance?

Maybe by asking “Is there more to life than the race to have fame and more than enough money to survive and retire on”? Why can’t we have our cake and eat it too? Is it up to us?

Here’s the key question. Why wait to become rich or famous in order to relax and savor life? If we wait, relaxing and savoring life may never happen for us. Why do we keep straining?

Knowing we’re already home and set (not having to have the expensive toys of wealth) gives us different options. Plus, taking time to slow down can allow us to see better the speed and direction to go. Relaxation and savoring life has a way of bringing interesting thoughts and trails into our lives.

As we slow down, we are able to notice and appreciate more of what life is full of.

One can be relaxed while building a fortune if one knows a sure way to build a fortune and is willing and able to apply the knowledge without worry or stress by knowing it’s just a matter of time.

What is the need to worry or hurry when we are already content? It’s strange but true…not having to have something makes it easier to obtain.

Can unapplied knowledge come back to haunt us? Yes, it’s called guilt. It’s a psychological instrument we know how to use…by pushing it on others or having to pull it.

Notice guilt for what it is…a reminder. It bothers us or it doesn’t, depending on what it’s about. How strong can guilt be when it’s rightly ignored? Guilt is part of the “would-a” “could-a” “should-a” tradition and has a use or it wouldn’t exist.

wrong about God

This was a response to an email a friend sent to me which had only a poster presenting this slogan:

“If I am wrong about God,
I’ve wasted my life,
if you are wrong about God
you have wasted your eternity.”

This was my reply to my friend:

“ If you are wrong about God,” you haven’t wasted your life. Being a Christian is a legitimate and positive (for the most part) way to live. That Christians desire to do good and participate in making this a better world is proof of their good intentions, and so should be respected.”
(End of response.)

Choosing to not fear what may come after death is not a 50/50 choice as the poster would have us believe.

The magical god of the old testament has left a terrible trail through history. So it’s hard for me to believe in it. But who knows, there may be something or a situation which created our universe by accident, and it’s very doubtful we will ever know what was happening before its creation.

Maybe some type if entity created our universe on purpose and enjoys checking up on what has occurred since the last time it took a look-see. So I’m an agnostic technically because there’s no convincing evidence for or against a creator. But there is evidence that an all powerful god is not necessary to explain our situation in the universe. So I feel like an atheist.

Maybe the universe created itself or just happened as a natural occurrence or by accident. Not knowing for sure is not comforting but learning to live not knowing for sure is an interesting situation.

Reason leads me to think the god of the Bible was probably invented in the same way the other thousand or so gods were created, and it needs to be mentioned that the followers of all those other gods believe as just as sincerely as the followers of the god of the Bible believe that they are believing in the only true god, having the only true scriptures, and the only true faith.

So who’s right? Could it be none of them? Can sincerity of belief create a real all-powerful and all-knowing god? If a person believes with the highest possible sincerity he or she is headed south but is actually headed north, do the thoughts in everyone’s mind automatically change to accommodate this mistake? Do all maps also magically change to accommodate this sincere belief?

If one religion could actually prove its god is the one true god by having their god show up and — instantly and at the same time — create a county-sized governing palace in every country on the earth and be a visible presence in all of the palaces at the same time and making speeches based on “love your neighbor as yourself” and taking away the freedom of all criminals until they have sincerely promised to change their ways, etc. etc.

So, how long would it take for there to be only one religion in the world instead of thousands when each new member gets perfect health and plenty of energy and a sound mind as side effects? What good news! No promises only a wonderful present.

Leaving fantasy land behind, what are the odds of my going anywhere when I die? Is godly magic going to keep me alive so I can be rewarded or punished forever? I no longer believe in real magic, but I know how it feels to believe in real magic, and it’s not a bad feeling knowing you are right and knowing for sure you will exist in bliss forever. This is a very compelling dream from which I have awakened.

I’ve given my trust to science because it deals with evidence, and tries to disprove its own latest findings. Science uses facts and gives really good odds for my future non-existence after death because the “I” in me was created by and is supported by my human animal which has all the goodies: senses, intuition, memory, creativity, etc.

The idea of an eternal human soul is a very clever invention and is used as leverage to control folks and to get some of their money, but the soul does not exist: it’s an idea, a magical idea.

If you can produce convincing evidence there’s a soul dwelling in every human and it will exist forever, write a book and set science straight. You would make a fortune and be famous. People have tried to convince science the soul is real but have come up short when trying to produce convincing evidence. So the preachers say “You will be rewarded for your faith.”

Every group of religious fundamentalists believes their own set of facts because they believe they have the truth and no one else has it.

I have only opinions based on educated guesses. Here’s one. The odds of us identities not making it past the death of our human animals are as close as one can get to a sure thing.

be so lucky

Is it possible one’s god is the only true God out of all the other thousands of true Gods who are supported by their own holy scriptures or bibles? Are all of these other religions created by humans but not one’s own god or religion?

If you are one of these religious folks, you feel, believe, and have faith, as much as all the other religious folks do, that your god is the only real one. Otherwise, why give your time and money away?

How can so many be so lucky? Have they created their own luck?

pandora’s box

In the news…

If you haven’t heard it yet…how to become younger has been solved!

A young person’s blood is transfused into an older person’s veins, and this wakes up the older person’s stem cells and the result reverses the aging process. Researchers have found this process works in mice. And we are next.

You know the saying “Money talks” well Blood talks too, literally. The news also said there were studies decades ago and were forgotten until now.

College students have a tradition of selling their blood when there’s a need for a few bucks. In the near future, they may be able to pay their way through college by selling their blood every six weeks.

As I did as a seminary student. Baylor hospital made sure we knew they wanted our non smoking and non drinking blood at enough bucks a pint. My diet was very good at the seminary and it seemed to me as money left on the table.

Would leaders who have enough followers donating blood to them have no problems staying young? Would children donate to their parents to keep their parents young? The consequences of this last one is mind boggling.

Does this mean we’ll have to become rich to stay alive? Will this be a big incentive and cause the economy to begin to roll big-time? Could young blood be cloned?

I remember a movie which featured time credits which allowed a person to live beyond a certain age. The credits were transferred through a person’s inside forearm. Without the credits a person dies.

If this new type of young-to-old transfusion became illegal, would there be a rush to create clandestine labs? Transfusion labs on ships in international waters? Has pandora’s box already been opened? Here come the snake oil salespersons with a real product but are they hygienic?

This started out as a humorous piece but it took on its own way. Happy 2015.

a fair shake…cut from a different canvas

What about the way our country is maturing? Is there really no way to help the poor and the soon-to-be poor to move up into a better life? If there is, why not do it?

When receiving today’s minimum wage combined with a minimal education, there’s no money left over to save. Then it’s so much easier to get into debt, and then it’s much more easy to earn a bad credit rating. Why do so many of us start out with so much already against them?

The snowballing events above wouldn’t happen near as often when one is paid a decent minimum wage and given a decent education. A decent minimum wage and a good education opens the door for folks to have a real chance to enhance their lives.

Are we trending toward a medieval class system? Here are some suggestions to reverse our movement toward becoming a two-class society.

Shouldn’t our #1 priority be a high quality education for all of our children? Having a top notch educational system is our country’s best way to protect itself from enemies domestic and foreign.

We the people need to pay teachers more. We need the folks who have a special love for teaching and the ability to give students a craving for knowledge and the ability to impart a special curiosity for things which have no limits like art, language, science, and mathematics 

Let’s stop loosing these special teachers because we don’t set aside enough money to pay them what they are worth. Cut waste and loopholes to get the funds, and if that’s not enough, raise taxes to pay these gifted folks.

It’s not healthy for us to continually spend the largest portion of our money on military activities, and it’s very healthy for us to spend the largest portion of our money on our youth. What happens to folks who grow up being neglected?! We are becoming sick as a country and need to change our ways to become healthy. We are ignoring much of our potential.

Having a basic or core curriculum for all students will keep states from cheating their youngsters out of a good basic education. An education which will support them all of their lives. A firm educational foundation allows one to find and consume new or necessary information when needed while automatically strengthening our country at the same time.

Education is the critical fuel for our country’s successful future and influence in the world. Guns and bombs will take us only so far. Or too far…as the the rising cost guns and bombs and the structure to use them help to starve our children’s minds. We are only as strong as our weakest link: the care of our young.

The goal: to make every public school a place of high quality education and to match and then surpass the best educational systems in the world. Our universities are already there.

Today, (is it many of or most of?) our elected officials in washington legally accept money to consider voting a certain way which will help the contributor or accept money to consider adding an exemption in a law for a contributor (which will allow the continuous piling up of extra millions for the contributor) and if our representatives don’t do the favor, the flow of money is likely to stop from that particular spigot. For today’s politicians, money is like air.

How can we cure the swollen political influence of rich folks and rich companies? All that’s lacking is the will and determination to treat ourselves better by changing what’s going on in the District of Columbia.

The cure is to make it an issue that money be somehow taken out of politics. This isn’t rocket science. It’s doable and may take large amounts of creativity and overcoming massive objections from the rich. What? Why? They are already rich. What’s the problem?

What about a national competition paid for by interested folks or the government. Hammer out the final product. And call it Political Reform or another apt title. And call the movement The Political Reform Movement or something better.

The obvious key is to elect folks who will pass a Political Reform Law into law. If this were to happen, there’s a really good chance we will see politicians who are cut from a different canvas.

We should be watching out for the talking heads who tell us “We don’t have to fix anything because our great nation will endure and will rise again a better nation.” When we hear these words and believe them, it gives us a chance to sit down and say to ourselves, “Well, I and my family and friends will die before things get really bad.” Or, “I’m only one person, and if I don’t help out to change things, my small part won’t be missed by the total effort.”

As we breathe, right now, is the time to ramp up the things to help ourselves to have a new, vast, well educated middle class, and in doing so, it’s my thinking we will aid all other life on the planet.

We can actually begin today to help ourselves by not wasting our talent and by not allowing health care and incarceration to operate as for-profit businesses because this allows huge amounts of our money to be given away with no end in sight. The government is best suited to run these two important services because the government is not working for a profit and is looking to serve. The sooner we  restore our prison systems and get a healthcare system similar to Canada’s or France’s, the better we all will be.

What is the tipping point for things going in the direction of a two-class society? Is it when we finally realize we will never be able to take the money out of our politics? Will there ever be a better time to find out than now?

Can we really end the great majority of existing poverty by giving folks a decent minimum wage and by paying all teachers more to attract more of the gifted folks in tech and industry who would love to teach but can’t afford to?

Can one attend to the needs of one’s self without the help of others? Don’t we all need water and electricity and roads and jobs etc., etc.

Are many of those at the top getting so greedy that it’s almost impossible for them to share large portions of their wealth with those who need a period of proper assistance in order to prosper?

One way to actually get the money we need to properly educate and meet the needs of our citizens might be to have a single tax rate for everyone as some of the Scandinavian countries do. What’s wrong with everyone getting a fair shake?!

Aren’t many of the best solutions usually simple?

The Scandinavian countries use the power of capitalism to generate wealth and then use the wealth to make sure everyone in their country is taken care of. Making sure everyone is cared for is called socialism. So, it seems the remedy is not capitalism or socialism…but their combination is.

The solution yielding the quickest and the best changes for the betterment of everyone could turn out to be…taking the money out of politics.

Why not have a national competition to see who can bring forth the best ways to change things to insure the successful future of our country and its future citizens. Pay the winners: the teams, citizen groups, individuals, and runners-up substantial amounts of money and also give them honor and prestige. Make it reality TV?

Then, while we’re at it, why not promote a world-wide competition to create a plan for the successful future of our planet and all of its inhabitants. I’ve written a scenario of how the success of our planet comes about. It’s called “Message to the Cosmos” and is the first chapter in my book Discovering the Obvious.

In the short story, things had to get desperately bad for humanity to wake up. Unfortunately this is par for the course or it might be called the default mode or the standard operating procedure for humans.

There is an almost infinitely better way. Doesn’t reason tell us to follow the path of the successful models already in existence? Again, with successful examples staring us in the face and showing us how, why aren’t we giving everyone a fair shake?

Could it be we live lives where the thoughts about the possibility of giving everyone a fair shake never come about? Or, is it that we believe everyone is getting a fair shake already, and when the thoughts of changing things so that everyone gets a fair shake come up, we are against it for some reason. Or, we are for giving everyone a fair shake, but as one person, we don’t know what to do against a huge establishment that’s claiming all is OK.

What’s stopping us? Are we waiting to get permission? Do we have to wait for the conversion of folks who get off on having people to feel sorry for or the folks who have to have the feeling that others are coveting what they have?

Or will we begin to wake up and start voting to change things now instead of waiting for conversions which may never happen?

Is it that we’re not as helpless as we feel?

a healthier country

If we were a healthier country, would this give us the frame of mind to expend the energy it would take to find and elect and appoint a better class of representatives and officials?

These folks may be hard to find and hard to convince. They can come from rich and poor so long as they are not desperate for more money or have hidden agendas and have the character not to accept favors from anyone. Their mission will be to help the country and everyone in it and including the folks controlling a lot of assets.

Do we have the guts to take the money out of politics?

We have the votes but don’t have the guts to get out and vote.

If eating healthier helps us to restore our guts, (what a segue) here’s how we can restore our country and ourselves…

We still have the ability to see our way back to judge anew what is healthy and what is not? Will we do it?

To be healthy one needs good nutrition and a good level of daily activity. It’s been established that moving around doing everyday tasks is better for us than a strong workout and then sitting for most of the day. Doing both are good yet only one is key.

Is this why stone age tactics and foods are so effective for present day humans? Stone age humans had to forage and hunt for their food. They ate roots; nuts, seeds; soft stems and berries; herbs; fruits; eggs; honey; plants like seaweed and kale; and all types of meat and fats. Fat is not an enemy; it’s one of the things which has the goods.

We were told by nutritionists that eating grains was natural which meant all cereal and all bread and pasta products were supposed to be good for us.

Even our government suggested eating grain was good for us. Well, grains can keep us alive and that’s about it! How can this be? One theory is wheat flower is good for business and no one is twisting anyone’s arm.

It turns out almost all grain products, when eaten, turn quickly to sugar, even whole grains turn to sugar. And dealing with the huge amounts of sugar over extended periods of time makes a person sick.

The body’s never ending struggle to deal with the large, unnatural amounts of sugar day after day and year after year doesn’t give the immune system the nutrition it needs, so one may more easily be overcome with disease. If this doesn’t happen, then diabetes is one’s lot and one’s immune system will still be highly vulnerable.

Without healthy food and exercise we’re in a pickle, and we become a receptacles for the pharmaceutical industry. It gives me no pleasure to present the following quote.

The quote is from Dr. John Virapen, former general manager of Eli Lilly in Sweden, whistleblower, and author of Side-Effect: Death.

“Pharmaceutical companies want to keep people sick. They want to make others think that they are sick. And they do this for one reason: money.

Pharmaceutical companies invest more than 35,000 Euro per physician each year to get them to prescribe their products. More than 75 percent of leading scientists in the field of medicine are ‘paid for’ by the pharmaceutical industry.

Corruption prevailed in the approval and marketing of drugs in some cases…

Illnesses are made up by the pharmaceutical industry and specifically marketed to enhance sales and market shares for the companies in question. Pharmaceutical companies increasingly target children.”

Is the pharmaceutical business a legal racket and yet a life saver? It’s sort of a “can’t live with them and can’t live without them” situation. 

Yet more important is having a look at the way we supply energy to our selves. A diet composed mainly of wheat flower is very bad for us, and makes the body do back flips to keep us at a semblance of normality.

To change things for the better, eat a paleo diet. Then your body will not think it’s starving when it begins to digest what you’ve eaten.

Hunger rarely happens with a paleo diet. It’s the difference between a sugar high and a nutritious high. The sugar high needs more sugar to keep it going and the nutritious high is not anxious for more food.

The two books below tell us about the real world of health. This essay is based on the information in them and my personal experience after reading Dr. Sears’ book.

Dr. Al Sears’ book: P.A.C.E. The 12-Minute Fitness Revolution
The first half of Nora T. Gedgaudas’(CNS, CNT) book: Primal Body, Primal Mind: Beyond the Paleo Diet for Total Health and Longer Life

is death the thing

Is death the thing? Has no one ever reported back from death: real death, utter death, complete death? Are the stories we hear of an actual afterlife from folks who haven’t died throughly?

They came back from a near death experience perhaps remembering a dream while on an operating table or the visions of a drowning victim who is later revived, etc. and not from a complete-death. There are scientific explanations of how and why these visions and dreams could occur during a near-death experience.

In a complete-death occurrence, the identity is no longer supported by the animal, the human body. So the identity disappears or evaporates because the neurotransmitters and electronic signals of the brain are no longer working. Language has gone kaput. Would there be no visions after one dies completely? 

Does nothing exist or happen which is not in the theater of the natural…even though sometimes a thing may appear to be a miracle, it is natural and has a rational explanation which may be evident or hidden and not come to light until much later.

Here are two examples: dinosaur bones seemed to be miracles in the nineteenth century, until we found out the earth was over a billion years old, and today we know it’s over four billion; and we thought the sea shells near the mountain tops proved Noah’s flood really happened, until we found out the mountains were pushed up from the sea and are huge chunks of the earth’s crust, and so forth and so on.

If there is such a thing as real magic, it may reside in the quantum part of our universe which is everywhere, but the magic there may be unknowable yet still be natural.

Our human body is the only thing standing between us and complete death. Physically and rationally, would the identity’s evaporation or its winking out of existence be the natural result of a complete death, regardless of our dreams and desires to live forever?

Unless real magic comes to the rescue and the faithful rewarded.

Great story…but what are the odds?

Dreams of an afterlife and our desire for an eternal existence require faith because they are dependent on actual magic which has almost no possibility of existing. But the dreams give hope to the gullible (us humans) and we all suffer and gain to some extent from this human foible. Would the world be a better and a totally different place had the idea of an afterlife never occurred? It’s hard to imagine the idea not happening because we humans are such wishful folks.

Did our desire to live on after death create religious organizations? Who wouldn’t go after this grand opportunity for control and money: You can have guaranteed joy forever for a bit of your faithfulness and money, on the other hand after you die, you’ll receive eternal punishment for not going along with us.

Are “eternal souls” creations of the human brain like the all-knowing and all-powerful gods are?


I just read an astounding thing. In Russia some of the highways and avenues have a single center lane which goes both ways! I laughed and thought it a joke, but it was in The National Geographic magazine. The writer calls this single center lane a “suicide feature” which is a good joke.

What will they think of next? In Moscow they are starting to build buildings above buildings already existing on the ground. They are doing this where space is desperately wanted: the rental and lease profits will be high. A hotel room with a spectacular view of the Kremlin’s wonderful towers costs $5,000 and up per day.