no longer trapped

The masters of the past put
a lot of emphasis
on simply

things with
an alert awareness.

They say observation without
judgment changes the
body’s chemistry
and energy in
a positive

and How?
We are no longer
trapped in language.
“Just watching” is an ability
which comes about from a daily meditation practice.

Meditation provides a way to be fully aware.
This happens when we experience
moments without listening to
or using language

allows to happen.

the turn is always ours

Does maya (our dreaming) exist as a 4D screen in the
brain which is able to produce or note the environment via its senses and can respond and calculate? Yet
reality is
always just
around the corner?
What does a corner look like?
How do we see corners? From the inside or outside?

Is maya where we see and hear and feel and smell and taste while the good and bad happen but does not cause the good and bad times but is a witness, a record?

Does the dreaming brain make good and bad possible? So how do we find reality? Is the only way to become it?

Maya is virtual reality, so is maya enough? For most?

Reality just doesn’t care if
it’s discovered or not.
So the turn is
We are
always at bat.

Am I
the one who
makes comments
to and about the maya? Or
am I maya through and through? Or am I both?
An identity and commentator created
by nature and fitting
world where
things  are only partially here and partially true.

Where would we be without dreaming?
Would we be beings of about
five million years

picking the lock

Is language a beautiful cage? Knowledge is a very useful thing, but does it fall short of knowing?

If so, how does knowing come about?

The sages say there’s a time for both knowledge and knowing. Knowing comes from the deepest parts of our being and is felt by a deepening awareness.

If so, how does a deepening awareness happen?

Desiring it, then searching for it, finding a path to it, then practicing it by walking along the path. Why not give some time for the adventure of seeking out the deepest issues of life and living as a human being?

How will you experience knowing more deeply instead of experiencing the state of being full of knowledge?

When you venture into nature where you live (gardens, parks, shaded streets, a potted plant in your home, etc.) and give special attention to the life in the plants, insects, and animals, you start to notice in a different manner (having as few thoughts as possible helps), and you may begin to see and feel the connection with life by knowing (feeling) every bit of it contains DNA as you do and has evolved to its present state just as you have. Then you may begin to realize you are not separate. We already have the knowledge that all life on our planet is built from the most common elements in the universe. But how am I able to feel life?

Knowing is a feeling fed by awareness, not something recorded somewhere. I’m not an enlightened being, but I’ve searched and found a path which feels right according to my knowing. I’m still stuck in language like almost everyone, but I’m in a place where I have the tools to pick the lock if I dare to use them.

Getting out of the language cage by taking the time to experience silence without worrying about or desiring what may happen or not happen is what the sages say is the proven way to pick the lock of knowledge.

doing is everything #2

Try to think of something which is not part of an action or process. Even ideas which take up no space are doings.

Existing, dying, decomposing, our remains being processed and used again and again by the earth are all doings.

It’s amazing to think even a small rock appearing to be doing nothing is composed of an unspeakable number of quivering energy units. We quiver too like the rock and are not aware of it.

What would being aware of the quivering be like?

It might have a sweetness about it and might feel like being loved by sensing all the atoms of one’s own body merged with all atoms existing. If so, how could such an astounding thing happen?

Maybe by finding a way to fully discard our identity at least for a while which is an adventure into new territories say the sages from the East. 

We are energy through and through and are mobile. So what are we doing with this mobility besides not being dead?

energetic must
one be energetic? Even
doing nothing is everything?

humming along

Could it be as simple as…Everything is as it is and that’s what truth is? Hollywood speak: “It is what it is” actually fits the definition of truth, but…

Is truth too easy to talk about? We have vague imaginings of everything humming along together in a constantly changing now, but is this reality slippery when we try to experience it via mindfulness or attempting to feel ourselves as safe in a very snug part of the mystery?

Why is it so hard to feel perfectly included? Is there something in the way? If so, what is it?

Is it the something which usually takes credit for all of the human animal’s talents? What would happen…if I, the identity, the ego, the entity my animal created to handle things were put in charge of my being’s immune system and its eyesight? I would be blind almost immediately and soon die from a small infection.

Am I hardly more than a chooser and companion? These are my talents, and I’m scared I’ll loose my seat of power if I ever give it up, but is this very unlikely because I’m needed by the animal to choose and get along in society.

But can I trust my own reasoning?

Why fear change when change is the the game everything is participating in? Is change humming along with or without our awareness of it?

the continuous situation

It’s natural for a culture to try to shape its young so their everyday responses need little or no thought.

We are living the lives we are because of the way we respond to what is happening around us. Our responses come from our interpretation of what’s going on around us, and our interpretations are created from the rules and beliefs stored in our minds. This is common knowledge.

Our language habit (what we think) governs our lives, as we have come to understand. So we create our lives by responding to the continuous situation we’re in by using thoughts which have worked well for us in the past to lessen any pain there might be or to brighten things up.

Is there a way to get off of the never-ending merry-go-round of our normality? Normality being the constant use language which is keeping the present just out of reach.

We are told to learn how to feel or be in the nowness. Experiencing the nature of the situation we’re in…is a very good start. The process of learning is called meditation. It gives us a break from the constant flow of thoughts. The regular practice of meditation allows us to become mindful or to be in the present without judging (using language) just observing.

Living without the constant use of language is not easy because its constant use is a lifelong habit and it takes time  and desire to develop the habit of giving language a rest on a regular basis.

The problem is one’s identity (one’s ego) will put up a fight for its turf: its captainship. The insecure identity is fearful (fear is the tool of control) of becoming quaint or being wiped out of existence by non use.

To wake from our constant ego state, we have to learn how to let language rest when language isn’t necessary. “Actions speak louder than words.”

For millennia sages have suggested one can develop the practice of meditation to silence the mind and then via mindfulness to sense reality in full bloom. Meditation and mindfulness are the tools, and silence and nowness provide the stage, and we are the players.

The search for a way to become mindful as one’s normal conscious state is one of the oldest memes of this world and has been pursued for ages by using meditation which is still the freshest thing around.

Enlightenment is a frontier for every human who has created an identity and includes just about us all.

Most everyone seems to have heard about the possibility of being mindful as a normal state of being and about the positive nature of meditation but haven’t taken it seriously. If we were serious about it, wouldn’t we slow down to see what reality is like without the obstruction of constant language use?

The possibility of going on this deep adventure is a bonus we have for being human. We lost our complete awareness as children, and this awareness is a treasure if ever restored. There’s nothing the matter with the tool of language. The matter is the continuous situation.

What are we going to do
with it being now
all the time?