milk it

Can we slip on a new me?
Many oscars
been won
using that talent.

Should we try anyway?
Don’t be an actor,
just be?
a way to
silence and milk it.

The above advise sometimes costs
$150.00 or more an hour


words of the wise

We all know by now:
Our thinking can hold us back
because it can be too negative and too wishful.

And don’t
we need some
negative to spare us disasters
some wishful to spur visions?

In the
wise words
of the wise everywhere:
“Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.”
In new words, Don’t take the
spices and knowhow
out of the

And the
saying could mean:
Notice what you’re doing! or
Don’t reveal your strategy before a contest, etc.

Teachers can use the putting of wise sayings into one’s own words to give their students a creative exercise using sayings like the one above. And afterwards ask, Who would like to read their translation? Then have them take turns reading what they have created and fun is likely to happen.

As you know, their are many books of great quotes and sayings to draw from. The combination of exposure to your selections of great thoughts and a child’s deep participation in the essence of the sayings can build a reservoir of lifelong positivity and practicality. This is my opinion, obviously, but it may actually happen. It surely can’t hurt can it?

Also, a parent can write a saying on a piece of paper and give it to their child and say “See if you can put this saying into your own words.” And afterwards, talk about what he or she has written. And a parent can also put his or her child’s suggested saying into their own words and then talk about it. A daily exercise taking turns?

• Parents and teachers should give an example
or two when introducing the exercise.
• Suggested time allowed for creation: 3 minutes or
until the class noise begins to rise.
• Suggested age: The child should know
how to read and write.

To your students or child you might say, You may be asking Why are we (or) Why am I doing this?

You can answer, It’s an exercise in creative writing. It gets your mind working to create something original. You’ll catch on and it’s fun…creation feels good.”

doing good

Can one
really be happy
without doing good?

Does doing good get the
feel-good juices

do the body good
allowing one to do more good
and feel even

Is the circle of health flowing in the best direction?
Is the circle always flowing
in one direction or
the other?

Is the
basic question
Am I causing more or less problems
for my human

Bernie’s got my vote!

many of the best
solutions usually simple?

The Scandinavian countries use the power
of capitalism to generate wealth
and then use the wealth
to make sure

everyone in
their country is
taken care of. Making
sure everyone is cared for is
called socialism. So, it seems the
remedy is not capitalism or socialism…

but their combination is.

The solution yielding the quickest
and the best changes for
the betterment of
turn out to be…
taking the money out of politics.

Everyone is being cared for
and getting as much
as can
held, and
opportunity is still
present because capitalism is still present.

The only difference is the rich are still rich but not filthy rich. Everyone has a shot at having it all, health and happiness and the vicissitudes which go with them.

Idealistic but doable. We have the model so why not be wise and follow it. It’s proven to work. Maybe the greatest part of our history is yet to be written.

Bernie’s got my vote!

wasting time

Does time have a cost?

Does time cost a lot because the normal use of time takes time away from more important things?

What are these more important things? Are they opportunities? And opportunities usually have a time limit.

Is wasting time a luxury most of us think we can’t afford, but we do it anyway? Why? Don’t we need to be able to waste time or have some sort of downtime?

Does it turn out that “wasting time” is good for us because quality insights are more likely to come about when others might say we were wasting time? It’s common during a period of relaxation when we aren’t straining to come up with our breakthrough idea for “the idea” to show up.

Having some type of recording equipment close by is a good idea. “You never know what the tide will bring in.” (A quote from what movie?)

We never know what

may pop out of

a prepared



Does the possibility
of having
come true the
theme of human life?

And without possibilities would make life how?

Skills are complete and all desires are fulfilled…
What happens is one long day after
another in a wilting

Luckily ours is
an open system with
chance always having a role
however small.

Was it yes or no for a long time and
when maybe came along,
life was born?
If so,
was the
next big thing
the idea of why?