our own guru

(Science and the sages agree about most of what follows.)

Can a person who doesn’t believe in a god or gods have a spiritual life? Yes, I think so. So, where does a person look for spiritual comfort and release?

The ancient sages assure us we are fully equipped to function as our own guru. All we need is valid information and then following it. 

Where is the information which might help us understand and find the most direct path to commune with the universe? Our beings have the complete set of senses we identities use to exist and to run our lives. We owe everything to our bodies: the human animal whose intelligence we desire to claim as our personal product.

The being’s able brain created our identity

(Our “I” is a pattern in the brain which responds to its adopted name and thinks itself real. It is real, it’s a real pattern in the brain running on energy supplied by our human animal. It’s highly probable the identity doesn’t take up space just as thoughts don’t take up space and some thoughts like “My name is _______ .” live on as patterns, as memory.)

to fit in with other humans, and while very young, we become hardwired into language because it was the best tool around we didn’t already have.

Our beings are usually trapped in language for decades before some of us begin to look for a better way to experience life via a personal spiritual dimension or a “church” with only one member. The sages assure us…

Meditation is the best tool to use to aid in controlling the habitual language use by one’s brain. Meditation is capable of giving one the feeling of all of a sudden looking over the edge of the Grand Canyon for the first time.

Change is accomplished by not fearing the loss of total control by allowing periods of no-thought to happen daily.

Resting the mind, eating for health, and exercising daily eventually sets our body’s chemical structure on its best setting, which is to say, one has less stress and may be able to lay waste to old prejudices with fresh points of view jumping up out of nowhere.

Meditation over time keeps one’s identity and one’s being moving in a positive and fulfilling direction. After meditation is an everyday thing, it can become an all-day thing and with it a warm feeling of belonging extending to edge of the universe.

Nothing is separate? Doing is everything?

Is the battle in life which counts the most the battle with our own selves? “I’m so busy, it’ll be OK to skip meditation because tomorrow I’ll be back on track.”

How does one stop battling?
By not attempting
to be perfect?
It’s OK
live a
day without
meditating! Do we promote the
perfection ideal
it’s able to
keep the ID alive
and existing in a language world?

the heavy lifting

Should I stop making excuses and stop trying to make others happy?

Am I really a victim and have the desire for others to make me happy and assist me in thinking better thoughts?

Who should be doing the heavy lifting?

Getting outside with nature
and breathing its
fresh air

and not
paying too much
attention to tech by being creative

and thinking mature thoughts about myself.
Having desires and visions
the way
learning how to…just be.

a word of advice

a word
of advice,
there’s money and power in
shepherding the


Are we
brought up
to be gullible?

Elves in the deep forest and an all-powerful god
hovering above and all through the earth
seeing all and recording all of the
actions and thoughts of
every human

self help

I recently read an article in Scientific American magazine by Cognitive neuroscientist Scott Weems and the following is a summary of the article.

They (the scientists) show participants several instances of judgmental thinking and then they tell them Try to notice similar thoughts when they occur. Then they tell them If you can notice when you have negative or positive thoughts about your own thoughts, it will aid you in recovering from whatever is causing you to be depressed, guilty, etc.

To help ourselves we need to create the habit or skill that prompts us to notice our thoughts (rather than be continuously enveloped in them) and then to analyze or judge them as positive or negative.

Since we don’t have the scientists to guide us, how do we get this technique working for us? I can suggest relaxing the mind and body and while relaxed make a formal request to our brain to do us a big favor. Ask, Once or twice a day please assist me to notice my thinking so I can make a judgment about it. Keep on asking daily until the brain begins to help us to notice the contents of our thinking.

Once we begin to find out about our thinking, these scientists assure us that we will be helped by the use of this new skill. What is this new skill? The ability to become aware of how we are coming across to ourselves.

The 3rd summary: We can assist ourselves by being able to pass judgment on our own judgmental thinking.