all moments

Are all moments acceptable?

They are,

but you don’t have to accept them?

Or do you?

Is it that the moment has to pass before

anything can happen?

Or is it that the moment never moves

and stuff passes through it?

Does time allow stuff to exist?


Is it that each individual is responsible for his or her own adventure toward the mystery and every path to it is different even though the starting point and ending point are the same for everyone?

Do all of us already carry around within us the truest, the most valuable of religions: the mystery, but are shielded from it by our own identities and the continual use of language?

Is it that no one else — even the universe’s best guru — can unseat another person’s resistant I ? Can the term self help take on new meaning?

Should we think of true religion or spirituality as always having a total membership of one?

And if so, is each individual’s body his or her own church and guru whether he or she knows it or not? Are we all, with rare exceptions, in the same predicament no matter what we may think?


We constantly fill our present moments with language by thinking, speaking, listening and reading. There are exceptions like noticing the dramatic moments in sports, coming upon a magnificent vista rounding curve or corner, etc.

We are trapped in thoughts which is normal for us. If we can stop our habitual use of language for a good length of time, we will become more and more aware of the present moment which contains everything. If practiced regularly, one might come to know our oneness with the universe via meditation.

Meditation is a tool and needs to be used correctly to be useful. One’s attitude is key. Not striving for some outcome is the main teaching. Having to have is a road block. So what is to be done? Have no goals or desires clinging in our minds. Know the advantages of meditating and then let them go. Simply do and be. Relaxed action without motives is the the way to meditate and the way to live. There is no hurry. Be yourself.

So say the sages…

the thing which makes the room

Are past and future real and not real at the same time? Not real because they are ideas but real because they take up actual time in the present thinking about them. It is their setting that makes them real, their stage, the present. Is it that the past and future can only inhabit the present?

Are the last moment and the next moment always established on the thin sides of the present? Is the answer “no” because I’ve inherited a linear time line because it’s so practical and useful and try to apply this linear time line I exist in to the only thing around: the immeasurable thinness of a vertical present?

Is time the thing which makes the room for every thing else? Or is time created by matter the instant it is created? Is every thing else (energy and awareness) like a fountain and we’re floating in the froth at the top as tiny psychological bubbles which will eventually pop?

The fantastic four: time energy awareness space.

this sad-go-round

The mind is usually begging, and its desires cannot be satisfied. Then the mind becomes sad because because most of its desires do not happen. The mind automatically creates more and more desires.

Society teaches: Instead of taking, learn the talent of giving, but even then, folks become sad because they can’t give more.

To end this sad-go-round, the sages say one should accept whatever is the case. This is a tough cure but it works.

any other place

Is life a series of gettings and givings? And a series made up of refusals and grantings?  Can one give oneself the gift of more time by becoming more aware, by taking more notice on purpose? If so, why isn’t this normal?

Is it that when I’m thinking, I’m distracted from what’s going on around me? To observe deeply must I be silent?

How to spend time? Is now the only time to do what needs to be done? Does everything that is, have to be? Is it that isness gives no choice because there’s not enough time for one to be made or does it? Is the moment the thinest and the broadest of things?

Where does existence happen? Only in the now? Is there any other place? When does time happen? The present? Is there any other time? How does time happen? Is it that time doesn’t happen, it just is? Is it not linear but vertical only?

Is my location in space very specific, but my location in time is not specific at all? If so, why? I can’t escape? Is the real, here and now and the not real, there and then? Is everything humming but we can’t hear it? Is time always an individual experience?

Is the word always so powerful it should always be used carefully? Will the earth always be turning? Is the earth’s pathway always a perfectly straight one if the earth could judge?