Is all material a combination of time and gravity? Is the whole universe relaxed while time and gravity do everything that comes naturally with no effort?

And on islands of sufficient safety and time comes life made of and controlled by tiny pieces which cannot be seen with the naked eye.

And out of this life does sometimes come a sophisticated dream humming along and singing songs using life as its own self-sustaining battery? So…

Shouldn’t we find something we enjoy doing which also improves the world in some way? Well, didn’t Hitler probably think he was doing what he loved while improving the world?

Can almost any idea or proposal be processed by our powerful brains to agree with what we want to do or think? Are we trying to do better on the side while on the way to getting what we really want. If so, what’s the matter with that? If anything?

Doesn’t it usually mean “it all depends”? Then the question “to who” may have one or many in mind. On and on we go. The preoccupation with spoken language is human but communing is life.

What on
earth is there
to commune with?

Laying in a grassy meadow
gazing at cresent moon and the stars
and wondering into silence and
feeling one’s exact place
in the universe
is a start.

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