the starter button

Are the really good feelings all waiting for me to do something before they show up? Do I have to flick or turn the starter switch or push the starter button? If so, how is this done? Is one way to realize I’m tired of fretting and being anxious?

Would I push the starter button if I see I’m burdened down with a host of tasks which are haunting me, and then while I’m idling, do the easier tasks first? Is being able to start a project and keep it going even when I don’t feel like it, the key? When it’s good enough to start doesn’t mean it will always be good enough to finish.

Why wait until I’m desperate and end up creating an inferior solution? Why do I have to be desperate to get things moving? Can I create better habits? But when I’m desperate, I do a lot of my best creating, we say. When this happens there is no time for polishing.

Is the ability to act is the skill I need, and it’s not to see how long I can wait before I act? The ability to act at the proper time takes a person places. So . . . why do I wait? Is it that I fear change and the unknown? If so, how can I shake off the fear?

Many positive-attitude advocates say something like feel the dread or fear as deeply as you can and then push the starter button anyway. Once we are in gear and moving, we focus on the driving and are so glad we started! Pushing the starter button gives time for ideas and their expression to mature which causes a better outcome.

daily jaunt

I’m on my almost daily jaunt.
I walk to warm up then jog a little and then speed up for thirty yards or so and then rest by walking then jogging and running again. I race up a special hill a time or two over my 30-minute walk and run.

I do this because moments of going all out for the last ten to fifteen yards of running build stronger and healthier lungs and heart. Alternating one’s exertion is called interval training and is based on regular occasions of forced deep breathing (after sprinting for example) which build strength and can keep one in better health. This paragraph is based on science and tested by experience.

We all know outdoors is a wonderful pleasure: a place which better enables us to sense our place in and our connection to the universe. I think of the hugeness of the space above my head, and for all practical purposes, the space goes on for an eternity of forevers. Making me invisible in comparison. I feel my invisibleness to the rest of the universe. It makes me feel safe as a bacteria might feel. I feel my extreme smallness makes a tiny blink of time for the universe into a lifetime for me.

The grass is brown this time of year and the green and brown of the pines make a splendid sight. I sense the DNA all around me is the same as my own. I shiver sometimes when I think about it. It’s a wonder I can even know about DNA. What an age we are living in. In the length of one lifetime, we have moved from a semi-darkness into the freedom electricity brings.

There’s usually trash on the sides of the heavily traveled connecting road I live on. About once a week I take a plastic grocery bag with me to haul in the trash on the way home.

I see beams of sunlight coming through the trees reflecting light off of the smoke from chimneys along the way. I think Star Wars and the beams become long laser swords I use to fight the Vader himself.

Here comes another “CAUTION Children at Play” sign. I wave to folks raking pine straw and they wave back. The folks on this street are used to me and I start jogging, cutting through the rays of light.

I come to the area most distant from home. It’s a choice street because coming into it, there’s a sign that warns “No Outlet.” So usually it’s only people who live in the twenty-or-so homes who drive on the street, so it works out there’s rarely any fumes.

I head down the steep hill. At the bottom I go around a manhole cover and I walk quickly up half of the fifty-five-yard hill then, on the balls of my feet, I jog and then run trying not to stop until I reach another manhole cover that’s a few yards past the hill’s crest. I slow down to a walk and I’m puffing.

I recover for about fifty more yards and turn around and down to the bottom of the hill I go again and then one more time to the bottom and I pull out my plastic bag and I keep walking up and out of the community on my way home. I’m already anticipating my next outing.

If we treasure our health, we exercise our animal part. It’s the best thing we can do to keep our transport in good working condition.

We all know what the doc says:
The best prescription is regular exercise.

Then healthy food.
Then good


the ruler of old

One way the present can be defined is
the process of
establishing a
mutual relationship
with one’s surroundings.

If so, how?

Through more awareness and less language.

OK, but how?

Maybe adopting
the practice of daily meditation.
It teaches us how to turn our language habit off
for longer and longer

Meditation  sets
the stage for us to relax
enough to possibly merge with
our parent, the

The sages say
having to have this
experience keeps the
experience at a distance,
so, they say the best way to
meditate is to forget about wanting
the big experience and simply bask in the silence.
Meditation strengthens our ability to pay more
attention to what is happening around
us. It changes our body’s chemistry
and our lives for the better by
having less stress and
making better

between ordinary
and extraordinary is that little extra.” Anonymous

The 20 minutes twice a day is tiny but powerful if done regularly.

The 40 minutes is only 1/24th of a person’s non-sleeping day.
What are the priorities?
Once one makes meditation a habit, one looks forward to it.

The sages warn us when we are starting a practice that
we will sabotage any attempt to make it a daily practice. Why? Fear.

We fear a meditation practice can turn the ego (our identity)
into a useful feature rather than the ruler of old.

It all all depends
on developing a regular practice
and being content with the normal effects of meditation.
There are no guarantees when it
comes to the Universe.
It could care less.

our beings
wait patiently for us to do better?

wouldn’t it be nice

Wouldn’t it be nice
if everyone’s wish about
an afterlife will be what one gets.

Hell, heaven, purgatory, rebirth, and evaporating
as a thinker with no support from
the dead human animal. &
Without a connection
to existence into
the light

Which has the best chance of actually happening?

fun time

Is the

most popular

not always the best?

Or is the most popular rarely the best?

Is it a mix?

Or not?

Is it


always is always?

Is it it’s always fun time a theory?

Or the real


Are we

in cahoots

with ourselves?

All of our ideas fit in in a particular way?

Can enlightenment

wear off like



one be a

backslider from reality?

a socialist

What is a socialist? It’s a person who can become rich or not and is for taxing steeply when one makes gigantic amounts of money
is for having the same tax for everyone high enough to achieve the betterment for all or a combination of both.

A socialist is for universal education, universal health care, and a government dedicated to working hard in the areas needed to assist folks in developing a successful and overall satisfying life.

“The betterment of all” also makes it better and easier for the rich to remain rich. The mixture of socialism and capitalism is one of the cures for the human condition.

An example of betterment would be to no longer allow hunger in the world while there’s enough food for everyone. Do we have to have a one-world government to feed all of the starving? Make it happen and be famous and fulfilled.

Changing one thing at a time is more practical and easier than trying to change a lot all at once. Gradual change happens and of course the direction is key. Is the way we were brought up the most influential thing about us?

Can a human change?

change for
the better helps
other betterments to happen.
We begin to find change
is not the enemy;
it’s the case.