the ruler of old

One way the present can be defined is
the process of
establishing a
mutual relationship
with one’s surroundings.

If so, how?

Through more awareness and less language.

OK, but how?

Maybe adopting
the practice of daily meditation.
It teaches us how to turn our language habit off
for longer and longer

Meditation  sets
the stage for us to relax
enough to possibly merge with
our parent, the

The sages say
having to have this
experience keeps the
experience at a distance,
so, they say the best way to
meditate is to forget about wanting
the big experience and simply bask in the silence.
Meditation strengthens our ability to pay more
attention to what is happening around
us. It changes our body’s chemistry
and our lives for the better by
having less stress and
making better

between ordinary
and extraordinary is that little extra.” Anonymous

The 20 minutes twice a day is tiny but powerful if done regularly.

The 40 minutes is only 1/24th of a person’s non-sleeping day.
What are the priorities?
Once one makes meditation a habit, one looks forward to it.

The sages warn us when we are starting a practice that
we will sabotage any attempt to make it a daily practice. Why? Fear.

We fear a meditation practice can turn the ego (our identity)
into a useful feature rather than the ruler of old.

It all all depends
on developing a regular practice
and being content with the normal effects of meditation.
There are no guarantees when it
comes to the Universe.
It could care less.

our beings
wait patiently for us to do better?

wouldn’t it be nice

Wouldn’t it be nice
if everyone’s wish about
an afterlife will be what one gets.

Hell, heaven, purgatory, rebirth, and evaporating
as a thinker with no support from
the dead human animal. &
Without a connection
to existence into
the light

Which has the best chance of actually happening?

fun time

Is the

most popular

not always the best?

Or is the most popular rarely the best?

Is it a mix?

Or not?

Is it


always is always?

Is it it’s always fun time a theory?

Or the real


Are we

in cahoots

with ourselves?

All of our ideas fit in in a particular way?

Can enlightenment

wear off like



one be a

backslider from reality?

a socialist

What is a socialist? It’s a person who can become rich or not and is for taxing steeply when one makes gigantic amounts of money
is for having the same tax for everyone high enough to achieve the betterment for all or a combination of both.

A socialist is for universal education, universal health care, and a government dedicated to working hard in the areas needed to assist folks in developing a successful and overall satisfying life.

“The betterment of all” also makes it better and easier for the rich to remain rich. The mixture of socialism and capitalism is one of the cures for the human condition.

An example of betterment would be to no longer allow hunger in the world while there’s enough food for everyone. Do we have to have a one-world government to feed all of the starving? Make it happen and be famous and fulfilled.

Changing one thing at a time is more practical and easier than trying to change a lot all at once. Gradual change happens and of course the direction is key. Is the way we were brought up the most influential thing about us?

Can a human change?

change for
the better helps
other betterments to happen.
We begin to find change
is not the enemy;
it’s the case.


silence is the medium

Ruth Whippman’s short article (on page 22 of the August 8th issue of Time Magazine) on “Women’s empowerment” was eye-opening. In her write up, Time mentions she has a book coming out October 4th entitled How Our Pursuit of Happiness Is Creating a Nation of Nervous Wrecks.

I know a little about the subject of pursuing happiness. She is right. It’s the pursuit that’s the culprit.

Here’s the deal, most psychology professionals will agree that when we pursue something we have to have, the pursued tends to be harder to catch. So, to obtain it, somehow we must get to the point where it doesn’t matter whether we have it or not.

This is the point where many professionals may part company. The ancients say a deep-down satisfaction cannot be found, it finds you. So here’s where the “somehow” comes in. How can this happen? The ancients say satisfaction is residing inside of us, and when we do helpful things for ourselves and others, happiness or satisfaction will happen. What could happen to influence us to be more helpful?

The ancients say the top most respectable thing we can do is to honor and be truly grateful for our own human animal.

They say our happiness is not out in the world around us; it’s in our animal, and we can commune with it and do it on a regular basis as you would commune with a loved one.

Silence is the medium.

Our animal is our all. Our appreciation of our being’s skills, talent and awareness is key.

Our animal keeps us safe in a pattern in its brain. [I don’t know if the ancients would agree with that statement.] And long ago, our animals put you an me in charge of their care about the time we learned to respond to our names.

So, how does this communing work? We use the animal’s awareness. Classical meditation (using a mantra and correct posture) helps at this point and allows us to drop our language habit for longer and longer periods and in different circumstances.

When there are no thoughts, you and I do not exist and our animal responds to this recognition of its total underpinning of our existence. Awareness or sleep happens. We need to practice being in the moment until we no longer need to practice it.

When we are in regular touch with our animal, our being, it can give us a continuous deep satisfaction even when we experience sad or hurtful situations. Happiness is something else and happens in a wide spectrum from joy at an enemy’s death to giving birth to a normal and healthy baby.

Deep satisfaction happens and is available if we don’t have to have it.

Meditation without expectation.

all cousins

Is the subconscious our being’s attempt to assist us in living a more healthy and less stressful life?

When was the last time this was asked “What am I going to be doing for the rest of my life?” Just asking.

Is it true all humans are cousins? If true, what on earth is wrong with us? Is it that not enough of us care what will happen on our isolated planet?

Is greed slowing progressive ideas from becoming instituted?