my way & your way

In & out, then came

This way & that way, then

My way & your way

Did my way & your way usher in a new beginning? Was that where and when argument began?

Did consciousness begin on earth when something was able to respond to its environment? Doesn’t one have to be conscious to know one has been touched? And much later self consciousness arises. Is it here where human argument came in and later made civilizations possible?

This way & that way (repeated again and again) is our breath “the swinging door” sucking in & pushing out. Sucking air energy in & and pushing waste out. Putting food energy in & pushing fertilizer out.

My way & your way is also taking & giving, it’s acting & getting a response, etc. Is this two-way combination the ultimate product? Is the product (the exchanges) what makes living self-consciously the fun and sadness it is?

Every suction & push makes someone happy as they say in sports.

a special draw

If I’m not thinking…
Do I exist?

Is this why athletics, dancing, acting and other activities
have a special draw for the participants?
If you know how, you don’t
have to think.

Does the human animal emerge using its mighty talents?