a cure-all

If there were
something coming
close to being a cure-all,
what would
it be?

Maybe meditation?

Because a
daily practice
drifts one toward
healthier foods and exercise.
There’s no compelling, this gradual
change comes with
the territory.

How does this work?

One becomes more and more
aware and takes note of the
true consequences
of bad habits
too much or
drinking too much
or eating processed foods, etc.

One becomes relaxed with moderation
and situations. Meditation
is also about one’s trip
to find out about
the silence
referred to.

Aren’t we always

Meditation assists
folks who are curious
and adventurous and wanting
somehow find a way to merge with reality
(the nowness) and by
default are after
an answer
to the
Is this all there is?

Is it there’s always more?

age-old questions

Here’s an adventure having to do with
one’s identity by answering
the age-old questions…

Who am I?
Why am I here?

Who am I? I’m the one asking
this question: I am
an identity.

Why am I here? I’m here as the representative
of the human being who created me,
and I respond to the name this
smart being was given,
and I also do the

That’s it.

the big six in a nutshell

What are the six best uses of our time?

education (skills, trades, creativity, studying, etc.)

relaxation (breathing exercises, meditation, sleep, etc.)

exercise (walking, yoga, sports, interval training, etc.)

diet (eating small or no amounts of sugar or grain products, etc.)

interacting (with family, friends, and coworkers) 

adventure (books, trips, hobbies, charity, romance, children, etc.)

And all six can happen on the same day!

belief and doubt

Is doubt smart and belief lazy when it comes to religion, but in marriage, is it just the opposite, believing is smart and doubt lazy?

How does a thing change from good to bad? With a stranger, would doubt be smart and belief lazy? Is it always the situation that determines what’s smart or lazy?

Do doubt and belief differ in the way they point to one’s thinking about the future?

Is it that belief makes us feel we a sitting on dead center and need not change a thing, while doubt causes us to get out the saddles and go adventuring.

It seems organized religions are in love with belief and almost all professional scientists are in love with doubt. If so, who do we bet on?

Are the odds even? Are the odds close to the difference between a balloon and a golden ball the same size? Belief stays the same as reason continues to change.

But both are claiming to be the golden ball. So who is almost 100% sincerely wrong about the future of the dead?

getting in touch

In the area of what’s possible, what are the most serious questions?

Depending on the circumstances, would it be air, water, food, clothing, shelter, work, procreation, and then one day religion? And with religion can come the questions Am I an ancient one come again to inhabit a living body once more? Or Am I a fresh, newly-made identity or ego who is riding a wonderful living creature with it breathing in and breathing out?

Then what? Comes one day the question Why am I here? Did my parents have sex and later I was born alive and then stayed alive? Is there more to it than that?

Is the Who am I? question important here because if we are not ancient beings (which would be magical thinking), then are we all newly-hatched identities and would the human animal be our creator?

So, according to the enlightened sages of history, getting in touch with our source, our native nature, our own animal is the greatest of all adventures. The peace and love that flow from a close relationship between the source and the created is called fulfillment and many other terms.

Is it that getting firmly afoot on this adventure is not easy because we sit in the captain’s chair and will not even think about giving it up, and does this and many more excuses keep us corralled in the enclosure called language?

The sages say that language is a blessing because it allows us to express complex feelings and ideas and it’s a problem too because we trap ourselves in our habitual train of thoughts and come to believe that we are separate, unable to feel our connection to others and to the universe.

Why do we feel separate? Is it that having an identity makes us feel we are separate and this seems right because we cannot remember a time when it was any other way?

The sages say that the recognition that we may not be separate but tightly joined to everything can start a game or adventure to see if the identity can be coaxed into relaxing enough to reveal the pure awareness of our being (the human animal) and its connectedness to everything.

Establishing the habits of meditation, recreation, satisfying work, and eating healthy food will get us off to a great start, but the practice of meditation is all that’s needed in the beginning because with the practice of meditation eventually come healthier habits.


interesting and useful

Do I want a better me? How could it happen? Could it be that finding out who I am and what gave birth to me and why I exist help the process?

Even if I find out these things, what then?

Will the human animal still have to learn how to deal with me, the chief, the one who decides? If so, how can it be done? Must I lead myself to a state of no language and be patient? Does the being need coaxing for it to reveal its full awareness?

Would understanding the truth about truth and the meaning of meaning help? It might. Here goes.

Is truth everywhere and exists only in the present moment? If so, this means that truth is the exact way everything is in our ever changing nowness. The dictionary defines truth as being in harmony with reality.

Meaning builds itself from actions: from what I do and don’t do and what I think or don’t think.

Is it that I don’t find meaning—it finds me when I’m doing something useful and interesting for a while just like happiness finds me when I persist in doing interesting and useful things?

So, is it that I’m a complex dream of the gifted steed I ride? Did my brain give birth to me and I’m here to help steer my being’s way through truth (our world and its challenges) and to make choices which help to create meaning?

So, the primary adventures are finding useful and interesting things to do and then getting good at doing them and finding out we are all useful and interesting dreams of the beings we ride?


stuck here living life

Is it that we are stuck here living life because we survived birth and there’s nothing we can do about it? If I have to do something about it, I cannot enter the womb again and wink out of existence.

Or the other option: Could I kill my human animal?

Well, maybe when it’s old and it can’t take care of me and I stop looking forward to or even dread the next day and can’t see anything ever changing for the better and there’s the pain and the drugs to lessen the pain. But we all perk up when there’s a great news story to suffer through.

Is having a roof and food and clothing and a useful way to spend my time enough?
Is adventure always available?

What is the only tomorrow that I’ll not experience? Is it I’ll never experience the first tomorrow because tomorrow never comes, or is it the tomorrow after I die?

Is it that I’m a text and the universe is my context, or is it that I am a context for the rest of the universe or both? And I take up no actual space!

What is a thinking machine’s thinking?
Does the thinking not exist until it’s finally recorded somehow?
Is it that we don’t exist until we are recorded somewhere?
Is it yes and no?

Can one relax when dodging viewpoints?
What is it like being undocumented?


a bunch of zeros

Is it that the non-conventional becomes conventional then becomes old and is replaced and forgotten and then gains value as it becomes an antique object or idea? Is this sequence a single generation in ideadom?

What is it that allows a sequence to happen? What’s the context of time and space and all that’s in them? Isn’t text a context to the white space around it?

Does the mystery exist behind language not caring and ever patient?

Is the greatest mystery yet to be discovered because it can only be discovered or mined individually — person by person on one’s own — and afterward unable to be passed on or delivered to others? Is this a spirituality that has to be earned by being willing to wait for it and learning how not to expect it as opposed to just asking for it?

What is the thing that can get one started on this ultimate adventure? Is it that the most sophisticated dream has to begin to suspect that it’s a dream?

Am I a dream that dreams itself? A dream that’s real but still a dream? Am I like a bunch of zeros and ones on my hard drive and actually take up no actual room at all?


the idea of me

Am I to blame because I think I ride this breathing machine? Am I really a special dream of my powerful craft?

Is it that I’m going nowhere but to extinction? Can I feel it in my bones that my being’s essence is the mystery? If so what’s to be done?

The sages say to relax into silence. Do I relax and then does the being’s awareness shine through? Does my adventure begin with the mystery and end with it too? If so what words of advice can I give to myself if any?

Should I say Don’t be afraid to crash? Should I plan on surrendering because I’ll probably reboot automatically like I do after sleeping? Is the chance small that I can permanently eliminate myself? Can I accidentally kill the idea of me?

Why is this religious adventure so appealing and yet so hard to go on? Is it because I the identity know that it’s nice to think about giving up control but I’ll not any time soon give it up?

Have I become an expert on how to put things off or to take the long way around to avoid even the hint of risk? Is this why this difficult thing never gets done and it’s always out of reach?

Or can I come up with a way to make the difficult thing a habit and go fishing for existence every day and reap the side benefits of this healthy habit — this live on the spot adventure — this possibility of speed that’s as quick as imagination?

Is it possible to sense the weirdness of this quantum universe? Is my having been invented by life a built in bonus and what is it that’s being worked for?

Is it the simple joys that come with a daily practice which is prepared for but isn’t expecting more?

Is this the ideal situation? Does the absence of an identity automatically prime the mystery?