milk it

Can we slip on a new me?
Many oscars
been won
using that talent.

Should we try anyway?
Don’t be an actor,
just be?
a way to
silence and milk it.

The above advise sometimes costs
$150.00 or more an hour



Logic says we should be ready with
ways to stay relatively
calm when
having to
deal with an
emergency or a
very unusual situation.

A good way is via self-talk: repeating calmly and
silently to ourselves a planed phrase
or sentence at normal speed.

Such as
“Calm down.”
or “Calmness will get me through this.”
or “Calmness gets the job done.” 
or “Easy now.” 
or “Easy does it.” 
or “Slow down.”
or “Relax.”

Learning to use self-talk
will assist in responding well.

For instance…
Having calming words ready to assist us is what we would need if we heard someone shout, “The building’s on fire! The building’s on fire!” Calming words could save one’s own life and the lives of others. As the Boy Scout’s motto wisely states “Be prepared.”

simple but hard but rewarding

The Three Types of People (as told by inspirational speakers)

Some watch what’s happening.
Some make things happen.
Some wonder what’s happening.

Making things happen:

Imagine the ideal situations you long for (travel, romance,  a special car, more friends, etc.) and then ask: How can I make these ideal situations happen?

The first thing is to know it’s going to take awhile. Knowing this makes it easier to be patient: a talent that goes hand-in-hand with happiness.

The best case scenario:
Since money is the grease making more things possible…

We need to earn enough money to be able to save some while doing something we’re good at, and the “something” should ideally allow time to go by mostly unnoticed while we do it.

We need to move rapidly and learn to notice when we begin to rush. We tend to rush when we don’t have a well-thought-out plan. Not rushing makes it more likely we’ll innovate our way to the above ideal situations by being more positive minded and honing our best abilities.

Be realistic only when we should be. Think big, dream big. This will prompt us to recognize unusual opportunities and notice again opportunities we may have overlooked.

We shouldn’t worry about this taking awhile if we’ve set things up so we are using our best talents. It’s hard work to plan and then put the plan into action, but what a payoff.

So, we work by planning and doing and taking care of our health, allowing us to take better care of ourselves and others.

(Thank you for spending some of your time reading this blog.)

a word of advice

a word
of advice,
there’s money and power in
shepherding the


Are we
brought up
to be gullible?

Elves in the deep forest and an all-powerful god
hovering above and all through the earth
seeing all and recording all of the
actions and thoughts of
every human

the best advice

What’s the best advice one can receive? Could it be to learn how to listen and then to start asking good questions? How can these two skills be learned?

Answer: By practice which requires patience (making it a habit of not being in a hurry, it takes planning) and awareness (paying attention) and hard work (hard work).

How can a person tell if a question is good or not?
Will we know a good one when one enters our ear or comes from our brain?


the home run

One day while out walking, I was catching up to and closing in on a couple of walkers ahead of me, and as I came closer I heard one saying to the other “first base is a french kiss good and long and second base, well there are two of them if you get my meaning, and third base is taking the time to make sure she’s ready to receive you, then the home run!” About this time I picked up speed and as I passed I glanced and saw their smiles and signaled to them with my up-raised thumb.