air water food and fellowship

How can we improve the
quality of life on
our planet?

We need to 

find and install cleaner technologies and more
and more energy sources which are renewable and nonpolluting
(sun, waves, wind, thermal, gravity, and maybe fusion)

get better information about health by promoting more research into what can keep us and our surroundings healthy
(based on past performance, we can’t depend on our government to get it right because special interests spoil the process, so, each of us needs to find our own path to health)

find out how to provide ourselves with better governance
(take the money out of politics)

find better and better ways to eliminate poverty
(starting now, make sure everyone gets a high-quality education and let the top-tier rich pay for it because they will receive a huge financial benefit down the road and will be able to reminisce about how they saved the country), and…

Today, we
humans are
polluting the air
we breathe, the water
we drink, and the food we eat.

What needs to be changed? We need the United Nations to strictly enforce antipollution laws and complete its goal of spreading basic human rights throughout the world. Our UN needs to get some backbone and fly right. It needs to be a better tool for humanity.

Is the UN a start in the right direction? Does the world need a president and a congress with the presidents of countries becoming governors of their countries?

With everyone having the right to vote in a world with police but no soldiers and no weapons of war. It wouldn’t be a utopia but there’d be a lot less suffering in the world which would probably produce more happiness, contentment, and security.

This is a dream of many folks, and sometimes dreams come true. When? Will it be now or during the next generation, or will it happen when it’s too late?

We are all
in the same pot,
so, shouldn’t we admit it
forgive old wounds for the sake of the future?

Will we be able to stop poisoning ourselves and the life around us? Otherwise our home could slowly degrade to the point all life will be choked out except bacteria.

If bacteria survive, they would be the parents of earth’s second generation which might turn into a nightmare because of the pollution left by the first generation.




the mystery

Can the essence and the fundamental feature of the universe be experienced by human beings? Would we if we could? Can something special be discovered behind the barrier of language?

The goal is to be able to let our ego (our choosing and figuring utility) dissolve by stilling language and then to experience in this stillness what we are: a very complex bundle of creativity and awareness which can sense its own being and its belonging to the universe directly.

What would the experience be? Many records exist which describe the experience. The oldest of these records appear in the writings of religious philosophical sages born in India and the far east.

These descriptions attempt to describe the experience of not feeling separate from everything but being a fully participating part of everything along with a feeling of the vastness of the universe which can overwhelm along with the feeling of never being alone again. Knowing we belong will never change because our connection is real and physical. Looking at our bodies and then out into the world and then up at the stars and seeing nothing but our selves is a treat.

We are babes of the universe like all of life and everything else. Is fire for making light? And water for making life? And rocks for walking? And air for breathing? We are perfectly adapted to this earth. Can we make life better for us and our fellow living things? What can influence us?

What is the universe’s essence, its fundamental feature? The sages call it the mystery. They imagine it to be a vast expanse of creativity and awareness which cannot be put into words but can be experienced because we humans are actual parts of it. And they continue…

Experiencing it isn’t easy because we are trapped in a wonderful and powerful language habit. And if this is so, you might ask how does one go about experiencing the mystery?

The sages say to adventure into relaxation by learning how to stop the constant flow of language, and then make it a daily practice, and while practicing, you’ll naturally get better and better at noticing expectations, wishes, regrets, etc. as they come up, and each time thoughts come up, one can thank them for their good intentions and wish them a good but short stay and then travel again the usual way to the stillness within.

into relaxation by
Learning how to stop the constant flow of language &
making it a daily practice &
noticing fully the waves of thoughts &
thanking them for their good intentions &
wishing them a good but short stay &
going again the usual way
to the stillness

The viability of meditation is no longer in question scientifically. Meditation is recommended by psychologists and psychiatrists as a relaxant and an aid to positive thinking.

The affects of meditation are real and are always available and are good for us, and it’s possible for meditation to lead a person to a full dose of completion and meaning. So,…?