In the beginning there was just one thing we are told. Then an uncountable number of the tiniest of parts which naturally coalesced into pieces of matter, and then more coalescing made larger and larger pieces, and as the large pieces became larger, the stronger the coalescing became.

We humans are the sophisticated products of energy and awareness—thanks to gravity, the key ingredient. Could gravity be the most crucial of all things?

What should we be thankful for this Thanksgiving? Is there anything greater or more necessary than the nature of the attraction stuff has for other stuff? Are we more thankful for lesser things while the real deal is holding us and all else safely to the earth? 

The dictionary definition of consciousness is the ability to respond to one’s environment. Does this mean all life is conscious to a degree? Is our planet just one more showcase of what a sweet spot and randomness can become?


I have been smitten. And just what is it that a smite does to a person? One meaning is that you are strongly attracted to another person. You know, when you are boxing and you receive a knockout punch but you don’t go down and you are left defenseless. That’s what a smite does to a person.

Is the drama to see who the smiter and the smitten are? A black and white picture has a huge gray area. With color, the same picture has the bright heavens and the dark earth at the extremes, and the colorful actions are happening in the great space between the extremes.

I’m smitten by the greatness and the plenty found between the extremes. Between birth and death, extreme joy and dreadful sorrow, opportunity and timing, and perfect surety and total ignorance.

Is everything ready and waiting but I’m paying too much attention to the extremes or have I lost my way or I don’t know where to start or am I afraid to start?


Higgs anyone?

What’s all this fuss about gravity? Why is it still a so-called mystery after all these years of discoveries and more discoveries?

Maybe gravity’s too close or too simple or too obvious. How could gravity happen? I’m no scientist so watch out.

Is it that matter happens to have an attraction for other matter?
The more matter the more the attraction. Simple.

How does attraction happen? Is attraction just a universal law, not something that happens, but is the case, all relaxed and everywhere as an invisible, four-dimentional backdrop? Not so simple.

Higgs anyone? Give this man a Nobel Prize. He’s still alive.