the two-sided spectrum

Is there one thing

incorporating the two?

Allowing the use of the whole

spectrum to make decisions,

with this guiding principle,

if something’s not hot, it’s cold,

it’s the two-sided spectrum

of black and white thinking.

It’s also the world of

the sketch artist and early TV and

Brando and foreign movies which is fine,

but what’s the matter

with some


Is it that color should be highfalutin

and not black and


Is what highfalutin 

does, what highfalutin is?

What has only one side?

An answer is below…

A mobius strip which is slightly rounded from side to side so each side blends with the other, giving no measurable width to the ultra sharp edges.

Here’s some questions I’ve asked myself, but I don’t have the math ability to find the answers:

What would π (3.14159) be in a 6-digit (0-5) numbering system?

Could there be a numbering system where π would be a whole number? If so, how many digits would it take? Two or a zillion?