the changed life*

Once there was a person who was a mean miser and was saved from hell (converted to a religion that teaches there’s a heaven and a hell), and the mean miser became a generous person to church and society and is now known to be a very good and pleasant person to be around. And God is credited with this wonderful change.

At the same time a second mean miser who was nonreligious decided to reform himself and succeeds and shares his wealth in the same manner the “saved” miser did and the “unsaved” miser is now also known as an gracious and entertaining host.

So, can the changed life be used as a proof of God’s existence or non-existence? Is it that no arguments are needed because of the absurdity of the idea of an all-knowing, all-powerful and perfect-record-keeping God exists who rewards and punishes forever and ever?

Do the believers in magical things happening after their deaths, believe it because it feels better having some type of religious insurance?

A good slogan might be “Don’t die without a policy from The Everlasting Life Insurance Company.” But there’s a problem: There are an awful lot of companies selling “Everlasting Life” policies and each company’s policy has different conditions and each is claiming to be the only one that will pay off.

The cost of this religious insurance is usually about ten percent or less of one’s income and faith: the belief in miracles and a never-ending suspension of disbelief: living in a house built on magic which probably is not as safe as a house built on sand.

Is this the reason why so many of the simply nonreligious crowds live compelling lives while many sincere believers in religious magic live lives spending a good part of their time trying to pass laws which would force others to live by their religious rules. Are these folks being misled? Shouldn’t they be leading by example and not by force?

Why do so many conservative religious folks, who are usually wonderful, loving people, spend so much of their time doing and supporting things which cause people to despise their actions and cause folks to dismiss their god too, all the while they could be doing what was asked of them to do: convert the unsaved by delivering the gospel while living authentic religious lives by displaying “the fruits of the Spirit” rather than trying to force others to live by their religious beliefs without truly believing them?

Any advice? Call to others, don’t try to force others. All you will get with force is resistance. Call using the good news not by calling your congress person to make sure homosexuals cannot get married or to make sure a poor mother cannot get the abortion she desperately wants and needs. Let your God do the judging and punishing. Your all-powerful and all-knowing God has prompted you not to judge.

Does attacking the rights of minority groups injure and insult their liberty and hinder their pursuit of happiness and reveal the attacker’s desire for power over others?

Is a mentally challenged person closer to the truth than those who come with magical promises claiming all of the promises are 100% true?

* It may seem that I’m angry at Christianity. I’m not. I am a former evangelical missionary and know Christianity is filled with loving and gracious folks. However, from my vantage point now as an outsider, I can see a very powerful portion of Christianity has lost its focus and is creating a false image of their true mission. So, I am preaching to them by giving a message that can assist in getting these wonderful people back on task. I realize that many of these folks will be outraged to think that a lapsed Christian like me could have anything helpful to say to them and their leaders about their getting off message, but some may hear and respond, and it’s possible that it might make a difference and change their minds about things like taking food out of the mouths of children who happen to be born into poor families. If Christ were real and walking the earth today, he would probably classify these particular Christian folks as pharisaical. The beautiful thing about Christian beliefs is those who have misstepped can be forgiven immediately and a few seconds later can start moving down a better path.