doing is everything

Can we do nothing but do? Doing is everything? Think about it. And then we die and we keep doing?

Our bodies continue to disintegrate until they merge with the earth. Then while our remains are on the earth, we travel around the sun until the sun engulfs the earth in the far future, and all of our atoms which have spread around by then are burned to smithereens but survive as they are atoms. What are they doing? Existing.

Wait a minute! What happens to me the ego, my identity, when I die? Well, when my body dies, I will evaporate into nothingness leaving no trace on the nerve network in the dying brain which created me. I will disappear out out of existence as I’m an imaginary creation whose support has been taken away. There’s no more film in the camera. 

When our brains can no longer support our existence, we will exist no more. This is what science supports until a more rational idea is found. So, is the idea of “souls” invented and are souls nonexistent but used to capture and control us and to get a portion of our money?

Really? What about all the folks who got away with murder or worse? My thinking would say perhaps it’s the concern of the mature ones living while whatever is happening is happening. We could not and did not orchestrate the period before we matured.

So, most of us feel better about things because most believe a god exists who will punish the evil doers when they die, even the present evil doers. Belief can make us feel better.

We have plenty to feel responsible for and lots to do in the present. Why should we feel guilty for what happened in history? History is the teacher. Let’s apply the lessons and go forward.

Is it that if you don’t vote, you are a big reason why progress doesn’t advance as quickly as it could? We owe our ancestors for the innovations and lessons learned and our DNA. The present gives us parents, family, friends, opportunity, and more.

We always know here is where we are, yet it’s uncommon for us to feel the nowness of it. Why?

We are constantly occupied by language. Language is the beginning of the story. The question is will our language habit dominate until the end? Will we ever get to know our being? 

Does language keep us from experiencing the nowness of the present.

Is it that nowness engulfs the universe and does not move; we and everything else move through it and age as we do?


creativity and awareness

Is perfection an answer but not the correct one because perfection can’t be determined only assumed? Would actual perfection be all lined up in a boring way? And in perfection are there no mistakes ever, therefore no variety no ability to change radically or make an error?

Is perfection in the eye of the beholder? Wouldn’t real perfection be the opposite? Would it be an individual thing? Something with flaws and able to change and adapt? Is it impossible for even the definition of perfection to be perfect? Or can only the definition of perfection be perfect? Can something be perfectly flawed? Are most things perfectly flawed?

And on and on go the words, ideas, thoughts, and dreams and it’s a wonderful ride if the basic necessities are supplied, but what about the deeper parts of my nature — the being, the parts that I share with life in general, the life which I feel I control?

Are creativity and awareness hidden away under my claim of ownership and control? Does the addition of language come along and take over the being as a natural process?

Is there a way to shake off the comfort of the captain’s chair to sense the early and ancient freedom? Is the way not through struggle but relaxation: the relaxation of the mind via the relaxation of language? But isn’t there a struggle to relax because of a fear of the unknown and even the death of me, the identity, the boss, the chooser?

If all searching is individual, can it be anything other than perfect? Is it that this can’t be determined, or does perfection have to have flaws too small to be noticed?


our kingdom

Does it make sense that our birth comes first and sometime later we appear as identities to be useful or not to ourselves and others?

Is it that our identity is added software created by the human animal and its environment and is added as a tool and soon becomes the animal’s most powerful tool? Does language give it its power?

How powerful a position is it to be in control of a human animal? Is it a position so powerful that it will not be given up easily.

Is it that we all know how it feels to be a dictator because each of us is a dictator over our own human animal. And do we abuse our kingdom as dictators and kings are known to do? Is it that our kingdom may be small but it’s still a kingdom?

Why give up control?
Is there more and it’s inside of us?
And outside of us?
And am I in the way?
Of a merging with the universe?
Of a crystal clear awareness?
No church needed?
Nowhere to go?

Since our ride is so immediate, is it easy to ignore? So easy until it becomes ill?

the adventure begins

Do you think it’s you
who is able to recognize the scent of a rose
and shiver with pleasure at the colors in the sky?

What if it were not you?

Are you and I utilities of our beings?
Is it that we don’t take up any room in the brain?
Are we special circuits in the brain?

Are we complex dreams created to
aid the being
and we took control naturally
when we began to recognize our name?

And the adventure begins…
and to skip a long story…

What’s the ultimate?
Finding a way to commune with (experience)
one’s own being?
(there’s that double possessive again)

How? All the sages agree on this one thing.
Somehow the daily stopping of the
flow of language does the job.



the auxiliary king

I imagine that I’m dying by being stretched so thinly and so very swiftly and
that my support system forgets me
so I bail.

I don’t have the courage or the preparation to stand fixed on the being’s ground
to hang on and
sacrifice myself if necessary for the being.

Awareness supports me the auxiliary king who took over
as a natural process and
I the king am now filled with the fear of losing control.

Is this my truth?