a way to make things happen

The first thing is to know for sure it’s doable. If you’re not sure, research it to see if it is. If it is, in your mind, picture or find out what will be the trail of doings to produce the completed project. Create a plan.

This mental process removes doubt, and doubt removal is the proper foundation. The doable nature of the project creates the sureness it will come to be. Knowing for sure gives rise to an intelligent desire.

This desire creates a bond with the sureness of the results you have visualized and pushes you forward to build and and keep improving the actual product or service.

The final part is working on the project some every day until you cause your vision to come into actual existence.

Whatever we do is where we are going.

sweet spots

Is it more than likely great numbers
of stars have planets orbiting
in their sweet

than likely
as many have said

“The universe must be teeming with life.”

Is there no such thing as our universe
having meaning because
it’s the case
pain and joy
have to erect our own.