my best guess

Is it that life doesn’t worry whether or not it will ever be fully understood? What is life’s greatest concern? Is it the desire to survive long enough to create? What do we humans desire most? Isn’t there more than the above concern?

Most of us desire to keep breathing, drinking, eating, sleeping, dreaming, working, loving, creating, exploring, playing, doing good, doing bad, being lazy, drawing pictures, punishing, being punished, rewarding, being rewarded, collecting, communicating, inventing, as well as storing up stuff in order to survive harder times and as well as dying, etc.

It might but shouldn’t come as a surprise that these above actions are the same actions our cave-dwelling and tribe-member ancestors spent their time doing. Did they also daydream? My best guess is yes. Perhaps even before inventing language with its subjects, verbs, objects, etc.


the mixture

What is culture?

Is it the mixture of all the ideas, beliefs, and creations that won’t die?

What is personality?

Is it the mixture of a living person’s ideas, beliefs, creations, and reactions that won’t die?


once upon a time

Once upon a time there was a bored god and it wondered what it could do and it decided to make existence more interesting by blowing something up and billions of years later while in the presence of a visiting god it looks down toward its creation and says what a clever fool I was and I’m only able to watch a tiny bit of what’s happening down there and it’s such a tremendous show but I want you to know that I’m sorry and yet proud to say that I’m not able to change a thing and I wish I could but they are on their own. Would you care to watch a while?