a cure-all

If there were
something coming
close to being a cure-all,
what would
it be?

Maybe meditation?

Because a
daily practice
drifts one toward
healthier foods and exercise.
There’s no compelling, this gradual
change comes with
the territory.

How does this work?

One becomes more and more
aware and takes note of the
true consequences
of bad habits
too much or
drinking too much
or eating processed foods, etc.

One becomes relaxed with moderation
and situations. Meditation
is also about one’s trip
to find out about
the silence
referred to.

Aren’t we always

Meditation assists
folks who are curious
and adventurous and wanting
somehow find a way to merge with reality
(the nowness) and by
default are after
an answer
to the
Is this all there is?

Is it there’s always more?


the big six in a nutshell

What are the six best uses of our time?

education (skills, trades, creativity, studying, etc.)

relaxation (breathing exercises, meditation, sleep, etc.)

exercise (walking, yoga, sports, interval training, etc.)

diet (eating small or no amounts of sugar or grain products, etc.)

interacting (with family, friends, and coworkers) 

adventure (books, trips, hobbies, charity, romance, children, etc.)

And all six can happen on the same day!

all the room

Does truth take up all the room there is?

Is there nothing which is not truth. Is understanding what truth is as simple as understanding when a person tells a lie, it’s true a lie was told?

Is it too bad we can’t be in on all the truth, or is it a blessing?

What is the surest way to satisfaction? Is it a combination of proper diet, plenty of exercise, and daily meditation? If so, is truth so pervasive it doesn’t even count?

Is truth the present moment as it changes? Is it that truth is natural and can’t be any other way? So, truth happens and fertilizer is a big part of it.


5 healthy habits

Category: health producers

Need to keep blood pressure and blood sugar and
cholesterol at healthy levels and more good stuff?
You already know all about this. Here’s a reminder.

Of course there are more healthy habits but develop
these 5 healthy habits first if you can.

1) Regular exercise helps to
2) maintain a normal weight by
3) ingesting health producing food and drink and by
4) not smoking and by
5) making meditation (an easy way to rest the mind
and body deeply while awake) a daily habit.

The habits of regular exercise, having a healthy diet and weight,
not smoking, 
and daily meditation are major health producers.