Does life use of all of its faculties to change? Might all of this sensing be the universe perceiving itself?

Our bodies give us powerful discrimination skills. Is the ability to discriminate our greatest tool? Do we take being human for granted? What is it to be a perceiver?

Is the word discrimination being discriminated against


the most important

Is what I think about myself and
my other thoughts the
most important

Or is it
the judge?

Is life’s greatest talent
Even in

and white
world there’s many
shades of

general relativity

According to General Relativity, as specifically stated by its author Albert Einstein, “Without matter there can be no space-time.” That is because space-time is relational (not a physical thing), and without matter there are no relations between physical things.

General Relativity is our most elegant and by far the best-tested theory of how matter, gravitation and space-time work.

So, in the beginning, some physical thing was needed for time and space to exist. Today our talented bodies exist as this trio. And we answers to names are complex entities having no matter and are relational and very useful tools created by our bodies to deal the social world. We identities are our animal’s response to the world.

What came first the chicken or the egg? The egg of course. Or did they both coexist all along the way to chicken-hood? They are expressions of the same thing: the egg/chicken. Is it that “you can’t have one without the other” as the song says.

We can’t even have a zero unless we have a one. Nor can we have a good without a bad. “I’m stuck in the middle with you.” Song after song after song. What if music would never stop? Would we all find ways to escape for rapturous periods of non-music?

Is contrast the essential element and discrimination the essential talent?