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It’s good to know during meditation we can accomplish two requisites: the dropping of desire and expectation. This opens the way to fulfillment. It’s almost impossible to drop desire and expectation when we are trying to do so. However, while our mind is repeating a mantra or concentrating on breath or is silent, desire and expectation disappear automatically.

The result is when one is relaxed and sitting with eyes closed and via meditation the mind eventually becomes silent, the identity, the ego — void of language — disappears and the human being automatically becomes spiritual bait for the cosmos, the mystery, the isness. In other words when we meditate, we are fishing for satisfaction and/or fulfillment.

If we aren’t swallowed by the big fish, we will still have the beneficial and satisfying experience which going fishing brings.

If the universe could use human language and wanted to communicate, what would it say?

It might be something comparable to . . .

You are leaning on me like everything else. Even though you may feel like it, you are not separate. You are my dream. Relax your mind regularly and be patient and brave and your being will have a chance of revealing itself, face to face.

getting in touch

In the area of what’s possible, what are the most serious questions?

Depending on the circumstances, would it be air, water, food, clothing, shelter, work, procreation, and then one day religion? And with religion can come the questions Am I an ancient one come again to inhabit a living body once more? Or Am I a fresh, newly-made identity or ego who is riding a wonderful living creature with it breathing in and breathing out?

Then what? Comes one day the question Why am I here? Did my parents have sex and later I was born alive and then stayed alive? Is there more to it than that?

Is the Who am I? question important here because if we are not ancient beings (which would be magical thinking), then are we all newly-hatched identities and would the human animal be our creator?

So, according to the enlightened sages of history, getting in touch with our source, our native nature, our own animal is the greatest of all adventures. The peace and love that flow from a close relationship between the source and the created is called fulfillment and many other terms.

Is it that getting firmly afoot on this adventure is not easy because we sit in the captain’s chair and will not even think about giving it up, and does this and many more excuses keep us corralled in the enclosure called language?

The sages say that language is a blessing because it allows us to express complex feelings and ideas and it’s a problem too because we trap ourselves in our habitual train of thoughts and come to believe that we are separate, unable to feel our connection to others and to the universe.

Why do we feel separate? Is it that having an identity makes us feel we are separate and this seems right because we cannot remember a time when it was any other way?

The sages say that the recognition that we may not be separate but tightly joined to everything can start a game or adventure to see if the identity can be coaxed into relaxing enough to reveal the pure awareness of our being (the human animal) and its connectedness to everything.

Establishing the habits of meditation, recreation, satisfying work, and eating healthy food will get us off to a great start, but the practice of meditation is all that’s needed in the beginning because with the practice of meditation eventually come healthier habits.


a complete unit

Is the human ego, my identity, nature’s creation?

Is the ego the first example of artificial intelligence on this planet? Is an identity the first type of a complete unit that doesn’t take up any space?

Is it a matter of degree if not a matter of size? Should my persisting identity hope so in its world so young and fresh?


our only link

What is and who is the soul? Or is there no soul?

Dictionary Definition of soul: One’s spiritual nature and some believe that it will exist forever

Here’s one take:

The soul is the thing that goes to hell or heaven because it’s the thing making the right or wrong decisions.

This is the Christian view of the soul: it’s the identity (the ego) because it’s the one making the choices and is sinful through and through and needs redemption.

Here’s another take:

The soul is our source, the sustainer and the provider of services such as locomotion, the senses, the chemical powerhouse in each or our cells. Our soul exists only in the present moment.

It’s the human animal that gets my vote for being the soul. Why is the human animal so important? Is our body and its wonderful talents our only link to the all, the everything, the nowness, the real, the truth…to nature in all of its loveliness and horror?

When our creator and sustainer is no longer alive, what can sustain us?  How can the consciousness, the awareness, the identity, the chooser survive?


the ego world

Is it that in the regular world—the ego world—wanting something too much generally makes it very hard to get? And if you do get it, is it soon replaced by something else you must have? So for the ego, does the carrot on a stick go on until the end of a lifetime?

Does working consistently with a daily practice ease the way for the biggest of things to arrive unannounced and without a struggle?

Does the wise and supporting mystery already ride the wave of my being in whatever direction it goes without judgment?

Must there be regular periods of relaxation combined with non thinking with no purpose except to be fed by the fountain of the present?