doing is everything #2

Try to think of something which is not part of an action or process. Even ideas which take up no space are doings.

Existing, dying, decomposing, our remains being processed and used again and again by the earth are all doings.

It’s amazing to think even a small rock appearing to be doing nothing is composed of an unspeakable number of quivering energy units. We quiver too like the rock and are not aware of it.

What would being aware of the quivering be like?

It might have a sweetness about it and might feel like being loved by sensing all the atoms of one’s own body merged with all atoms existing. If so, how could such an astounding thing happen?

Maybe by finding a way to fully discard our identity at least for a while which is an adventure into new territories say the sages from the East. 

We are energy through and through and are mobile. So what are we doing with this mobility besides not being dead?

energetic must
one be energetic? Even
doing nothing is everything?



In the beginning there was just one thing we are told. Then an uncountable number of the tiniest of parts which naturally coalesced into pieces of matter, and then more coalescing made larger and larger pieces, and as the large pieces became larger, the stronger the coalescing became.

We humans are the sophisticated products of energy and awareness—thanks to gravity, the key ingredient. Could gravity be the most crucial of all things?

What should we be thankful for this Thanksgiving? Is there anything greater or more necessary than the nature of the attraction stuff has for other stuff? Are we more thankful for lesser things while the real deal is holding us and all else safely to the earth? 

The dictionary definition of consciousness is the ability to respond to one’s environment. Does this mean all life is conscious to a degree? Is our planet just one more showcase of what a sweet spot and randomness can become?

waiting without a care

Would there be no light
if there were no darkness?
Can either stand alone?

Darkness ever waiting without a care not needing energy only space. And found in galaxies almost always in shadows. And even then a little shine gets to dark surfaces. So, where is true darkness?

Maybe, inside of a bank vault with the lights turned out and one could determine which direction the universe is expanding and then turn the Hubble Telescope to the same direction and each time an image comes up move, the telescope just enough to keep images from coming up and after a month to a year without a distant galaxy coming into view one could argue that we are looking at the darkest of the darkest black. Here, take a look…with your imagination, but…

What about the light from our universe streaming from behind and pasting this image on out into the nothingness? Does this mean light isn’t light as we know it until it hits something like a retina?

Did our ancestors hunt regularly in star light?

floating in the froth

Are past and future real and not real at the same time? Not real because they are ideas but real because they take up actual time in the present thinking about them. It is their setting that makes them real, their stage, the present.

Are the last moment and the next moment always established on opposite sides of the present? Is the answer “no” because I’ve inherited a linear time line because it’s so practical and useful, but how do I apply this horizontal time I exist in to the only thing around: the immeasurable thinness of a vertical present?

Is time the thing which makes the room for every thing else? Or is time created by matter the second matter happens? Is everything (energy and awareness) a fountain and we’re floating in the froth at the top as tiny psychological bubbles which will eventually pop?


life itself

Is exercise life itself?

Moving from one’s health becoming worse and worse each day to becoming healthier and healthier each day is the goal.*

“The more you do the more you can do.”(ancient wisdom)

Be patient with progress however slow it may be. The key ingredient is to be a little more active than you were the day before. The more you do the more can do. The amount of “more” is up to the participant. Small changes work best because they keep us in the game of change. To start, choose something easy to do.

For example:

Standing up from a sitting position once each waking hour for a week. Then…

Standing from a sitting position twice an hour for a week.

Standing from a sitting position thrice an hour for a week.

And somewhere along the way remain standing up for a minute each time you stand, and then each week remain standing for a bit longer every day that week, and after a while, going for a short walk might not be so hard, and do the same thing with walking that you did with standing and work up to 30 minutes of walking five days of a week. Start with a walker if you have to and “have at it” a little more each day, that’s the goal. Before long who knows! Easy does it keeps us in the game. 

On the way, it’s best to eat well. This means consuming very little to none of wheat and other grains. Why?

Getting rid of processed sugar and all the other sugar 

which bread and other carbohydrates change into 

allows the human animal to begin using 

its own fat for energy. 

Better health and more energy usually result.

* This short essay is not intended to be medical advice. It is simply what I have discovered firsthand after reading and following the above advice which came over many years from a series of books on health. Here’s a partial list of those life changing books:

Fit for Life by Mr and Ms Harvey Diamond

P.A.C.E. The 12-minute Fitness Revolution by Al Sears

Never Be Sick Again by Raymond Francis with Kester Cotton

Primal Body, Primal Mind by Nora T. Gedgaudas

(P.A.C.E. The 12-minute Fitness Revolution & Never Be Sick Again are my favorites.)



Every now and then I stop and think Are my days really numbered? Is it that I won’t be an exception? Was I born too early for science to save me from death? Shocked again! Can I ever get another break? Was being born alive my best and worst break ever?

Is it that death has talent and can be used for good by helping me to see time differently, making colors are little more intense, and bringing to mind how everything is made of the very same thing and is marvelously complicated.

Is it that energy, matter, creativity, awareness, and time combine and merge again and again and eventually created my ride, the human animal? Is life the perfect condensation of time?

Does knowing the death of my ride is coming for sure, one of the things I can believe in? Does reality look on not waiting for me to pay attention to it? Is reality hidden safely away behind the clankings of my monologue?