silence is the medium

Ruth Whippman’s short article (on page 22 of the August 8th issue of Time Magazine) on “Women’s empowerment” was eye-opening. In her write up, Time mentions she has a book coming out October 4th entitled How Our Pursuit of Happiness Is Creating a Nation of Nervous Wrecks.

I know a little about the subject of pursuing happiness. She is right. It’s the pursuit that’s the culprit.

Here’s the deal, most psychology professionals will agree that when we pursue something we have to have, the pursued tends to be harder to catch. So, to obtain it, somehow we must get to the point where it doesn’t matter whether we have it or not.

This is the point where many professionals may part company. The ancients say a deep-down satisfaction cannot be found, it finds you. So here’s where the “somehow” comes in. How can this happen? The ancients say satisfaction is residing inside of us, and when we do helpful things for ourselves and others, happiness or satisfaction will happen. What could happen to influence us to be more helpful?

The ancients say the top most respectable thing we can do is to honor and be truly grateful for our own human animal.

They say our happiness is not out in the world around us; it’s in our animal, and we can commune with it and do it on a regular basis as you would commune with a loved one.

Silence is the medium.

Our animal is our all. Our appreciation of our being’s skills, talent and awareness is key.

Our animal keeps us safe in a pattern in its brain. [I don’t know if the ancients would agree with that statement.] And long ago, our animals put you an me in charge of their care about the time we learned to respond to our names.

So, how does this communing work? We use the animal’s awareness. Classical meditation (using a mantra and correct posture) helps at this point and allows us to drop our language habit for longer and longer periods and in different circumstances.

When there are no thoughts, you and I do not exist and our animal responds to this recognition of its total underpinning of our existence. Awareness or sleep happens. We need to practice being in the moment until we no longer need to practice it.

When we are in regular touch with our animal, our being, it can give us a continuous deep satisfaction even when we experience sad or hurtful situations. Happiness is something else and happens in a wide spectrum from joy at an enemy’s death to giving birth to a normal and healthy baby.

Deep satisfaction happens and is available if we don’t have to have it.

Meditation without expectation.

air water food and fellowship

How can we improve the
quality of life on
our planet?

We need to 

find and install cleaner technologies and more
and more energy sources which are renewable and nonpolluting
(sun, waves, wind, thermal, gravity, and maybe fusion)

get better information about health by promoting more research into what can keep us and our surroundings healthy
(based on past performance, we can’t depend on our government to get it right because special interests spoil the process, so, each of us needs to find our own path to health)

find out how to provide ourselves with better governance
(take the money out of politics)

find better and better ways to eliminate poverty
(starting now, make sure everyone gets a high-quality education and let the top-tier rich pay for it because they will receive a huge financial benefit down the road and will be able to reminisce about how they saved the country), and…

Today, we
humans are
polluting the air
we breathe, the water
we drink, and the food we eat.

What needs to be changed? We need the United Nations to strictly enforce antipollution laws and complete its goal of spreading basic human rights throughout the world. Our UN needs to get some backbone and fly right. It needs to be a better tool for humanity.

Is the UN a start in the right direction? Does the world need a president and a congress with the presidents of countries becoming governors of their countries?

With everyone having the right to vote in a world with police but no soldiers and no weapons of war. It wouldn’t be a utopia but there’d be a lot less suffering in the world which would probably produce more happiness, contentment, and security.

This is a dream of many folks, and sometimes dreams come true. When? Will it be now or during the next generation, or will it happen when it’s too late?

We are all
in the same pot,
so, shouldn’t we admit it
forgive old wounds for the sake of the future?

Will we be able to stop poisoning ourselves and the life around us? Otherwise our home could slowly degrade to the point all life will be choked out except bacteria.

If bacteria survive, they would be the parents of earth’s second generation which might turn into a nightmare because of the pollution left by the first generation.



doing good

Can one
really be happy
without doing good?

Does doing good get the
feel-good juices

do the body good
allowing one to do more good
and feel even

Is the circle of health flowing in the best direction?
Is the circle always flowing
in one direction or
the other?

Is the
basic question
Am I causing more or less problems
for my human

simple but hard but rewarding

The Three Types of People (as told by inspirational speakers)

Some watch what’s happening.
Some make things happen.
Some wonder what’s happening.

Making things happen:

Imagine the ideal situations you long for (travel, romance,  a special car, more friends, etc.) and then ask: How can I make these ideal situations happen?

The first thing is to know it’s going to take awhile. Knowing this makes it easier to be patient: a talent that goes hand-in-hand with happiness.

The best case scenario:
Since money is the grease making more things possible…

We need to earn enough money to be able to save some while doing something we’re good at, and the “something” should ideally allow time to go by mostly unnoticed while we do it.

We need to move rapidly and learn to notice when we begin to rush. We tend to rush when we don’t have a well-thought-out plan. Not rushing makes it more likely we’ll innovate our way to the above ideal situations by being more positive minded and honing our best abilities.

Be realistic only when we should be. Think big, dream big. This will prompt us to recognize unusual opportunities and notice again opportunities we may have overlooked.

We shouldn’t worry about this taking awhile if we’ve set things up so we are using our best talents. It’s hard work to plan and then put the plan into action, but what a payoff.

So, we work by planning and doing and taking care of our health, allowing us to take better care of ourselves and others.

(Thank you for spending some of your time reading this blog.)

the best case scenario

If you have to have something new or are seeking approval from others, will it be an easy and habitual waste of time to spend a lifetime stuck in such a situation?

Is it that approval like newness doesn’t last? Will we always want more and have to have? Is this not a good situation for the wanter because those who are going to give leverage, give it for control? Is this the life of a dancing bear?

       If so, what do I do about it?

Holy smokes, you want me to tell you what the case is? Why should I?

      Don’t you want to tell those who read this what the case is?

I guess you’ve got me. So…here’s my two cents worth.

Set your situation up so when you wake in the morning, you have something interesting to do.

      How do I do that?

It’s easy to do when you are awake.

      You mean I’m not awake?

Maybe not fully, but functionally you are. The identity uses one’s being to move around and to do its bidding and is a good or a so-so or a poor or a terrible choice maker.

All things being equal (I say that because they obviously aren’t) most of the terrible and poor choice makers have mostly miserable lives and have occasional bright spots to remember.

And I’m guessing…I’m making this up as I go…out of the good and so-so types of choice makers, it’s the norm to have more challenging and interesting lives and also have the propensity to do the right thing or the better thing when there’s a choice.

But even these better choosers are still asleep in a sense because their being (the body and brain) is not being given the attention it deserves and needs.

      Are you talking about taking time out to meditate?

Yes. If you’ve ever had breaks during the day to nap, it’s the same refreshing thing, but you remain conscious; then, the sky’s the limit.

Slowly you start becoming a more authentic person without trying to become one. You begin to desire the truth and nothing but the truth. You begin see truth everywhere you look.

Accepting the nowness (surrendering to the way things actually are) happens more and more. And this sensing of nowness can go away. Its habit of going away reminds me of the way happiness operates.

      And what is a way to find happiness?

You meditate regularly and by practicing mindfulness, nowness keeps coming around and gratefulness shapes your posture and you forget about happiness. But happiness keeps trying to interrupt your life. So you open the door and let happiness in and it wants to make itself at home, and you don’t care if it does or not. Of course, this would be the best case scenario.

      So happiness is a byproduct of what? Not having to have it?

forget about happiness

Down through the ages wise folks have said having to have something makes the something harder to procure.

If so, why is this? If you want something, it probably means a lot of other people are wanting it too, so the commodity is harder to come by or will cost more than it should. Is this also true for happiness which comes from inside of us? 

It seems the best way to experience happiness is not to pursue it but to become involved in doing things which are interesting and productive and forget about happiness, and then somehow happiness keeps showing up as a side effect.

So what’s the best strategy for getting a boyfriend or a girlfriend? Is it to become satisfied with not having one?