the big n and g words

Out I go a-walking; as I go I want to be out in nature which deserves a big n; yet it doesn’t care; there’s no reason to nature; it just does whatever is happening; nature built this structure I’m on. It’s the case; there is no doubt in my mind n has built many structures in other star systems.

There’s a special hill I’m walking by and I’m looking up its steep and curving slope, and I pass it by for now.

As I go it seems I’m beginning to notice everything and sense the life under my feet and on the surface and above me in the leaves of trees. I think of how the DNA code in my every cell is designed to work like all life on earth and as I consider this, there’s the feeling of non-separateness.

After these thoughts, I’m relaxed and taking it all in and ready to face society with a more positive attitude and will be able to better enjoy it by paying more attention.

Later, I think about how I was told a human body is made of the most common elements of the universe. I feel a part of everything when I stop thinking and start a simple noticing.

My animal supports me and balances me as it moves me across the face of our massive home while gravity (should have a big g but it doesn’t care) is responsible for everything. 

Is gravity the only viable candidate for pulling off the Big Bang and for our present state?

doing good

Can one
really be happy
without doing good?

Does doing good get the
feel-good juices

do the body good
allowing one to do more good
and feel even

Is the circle of health flowing in the best direction?
Is the circle always flowing
in one direction or
the other?

Is the
basic question
Am I causing more or less problems
for my human

age-old questions

Here’s an adventure having to do with
one’s identity by answering
the age-old questions…

Who am I?
Why am I here?

Who am I? I’m the one asking
this question: I am
an identity.

Why am I here? I’m here as the representative
of the human being who created me,
and I respond to the name this
smart being was given,
and I also do the

That’s it.

life’s fountain

What’s seeking about? It’s finding a path and developing the courage to practice regularly without expecting anything and as much as possible to be ready for everything? We seek to find and express and experience our deepest self, the human animal, our connection to the universe.

What is it about death? Does a type of death hide the being away not long after birth and does the shadow of death occupy the time needed to set things in order? However, if I know how to seek, might I be able to get to the things that really matter before death? To be, to vibrate in harmony with the isness.

What is it about time? Is it that it’s always today? We know it’s always “now” but is it that we don’t feel the nowness? Is this why sports and entertainment are so appealing?

What is it about life? Is it that life’s fountain flows for a good while and can give enough space to set things in order? Is it that if I keep procrastinating, I might not be able to get to the things that matter?


a unit of desire

Do I believe what I believe because I’m influenced by my experience? Is it that experience is my programmer and I can’t help but desire? Am I a unit of desire with a name and move over the face of the earth by using a human animal?

Thomas Edison said “the chief function of the body is to carry the brain around.”



It turns out everything is connected to every other thing but not me. I’m an added feature and tool not existing at birth. I’m extra, a come lately. Is the only logical and rational explanation I was created by my being to be its identity: a function which allows my creator to enter and participate in society or a tribe?

Am I not a thing but a habitual mass of interconnections in my brain which is able to reason and make choices? Am I an identity program written by nature (the extremely talented human animal) in response to reality?



Is it that nature is our nature and we belong to it and cannot escape it?

Are we separate or a part of nature? Our bodies are without doubt a part of nature but what about us, the identities? The complex units of brain power used to choose and respond to the world.

Can we use our bodies, our personal part of the universe, as a tool to connect with truth, everything that is and its ever-changing nature?

Is the physical world the shape of the spiritual and our bodies our supreme connection to it?

Is nature all there is? Is the whole universe nature and are we unable to sense it completely while it’s smeared with language?


a tool to get along

Am I an entity but not a physical thing?

Was I somehow created somewhere outside of the human animal by a “creator” who then magically placed me into a fertilized human egg or a newly born baby? Or…

Was I an entity floating through space, and while passing by the earth, I magically felt the almost unlimited potential of a new human baby? So I plunged toward earth and united with this new powerful life form where I immediately took up residence. Or…

Did my human animal build me over time from its interaction with family, friends and society until one day I realized that I should be responding to certain sounds and later realized that those sounds equaled me, my name, my identity?

Am I an identity that was wired (or programmed) into my brain little by little over time and was built by stored experiences using the brain’s network of nerves and was continually fed information from the five senses; then one day when very young, did I start to notice things in my memory and began to refer back to them again and again and then began to use them and the rest is my history?

Can I usually perform like a first rate companion for the human animal when I have been educated properly?

The creation of identity by the human animal was a great advancement, and made it easier for humans to survive and was used used mainly as a tool to get along in one’s culture. Identity is the basis of society.

I see clearly that my human animal keeps serving up the senses, creativity, and memory, but have I faced squarely the sureness of my animal’s death? Will its death also be my end? What can support me once my creator, my one-and-only sustainer is no more?

Will my dead body’s inability to create awareness cause me to crumble into nothingness? Is anything else magical thinking?


what is the soul

a definition:
soul =  the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being
that is regarded by many as immortal

The dictionary says a soul could also be

A person’s emotional nature
A person’s moral nature
A person’s sense of identity
The essence of something

I vote for the last definition because to me my soul is my human animal. It’s my essence. It’s the fountain which supports my floating-bubble-like existence at its top. Without it I would be no more. I would wink out of existence because that dead human animal was my creator and total support.

Of course, if a religion teaches all of its God’s magical powers are real and if this turns out to be true, then a magical God would have to begin supporting my existence so it could torture me forever or reward me forever. What are the odds of that happening?

spiritual = having to do with religion or religious beliefs (dictionary definition)

spiritual = having to do with feelings like gratitude, graciousness, and love and there are other attitudes that can yield spiritual feelings like giving or receiving justice and giving or receiving freedom. I vote for this definition.

immaterial = something beyond physical

Am I a special dream of my wonderful craft? A dream which allows my human animal (what I feel is my soul) to sail along easily in whatever society into which it is born?