the body

The human body may be and probably is the most capable thing in our Milky-Way neighborhood.

And, as we know, the body does almost everything except formal choices and figuring. Our bodies perform vast amounts of chemical operations every second and also sends whatever is needed to the areas in need in order to maintain a balanced system: not too much or too little of necessary things.

We claim the talent but the body has all the talents, all of the senses and the ability to learn and store information and recall it. We identities are the names, the formal choosers, the users of the body’s talents for transportation, experimenting, inventing, cooking, driving, etc. and, for the holding of beliefs. For some folks, beliefs can change, but for others, not so much.

Our job as our body’s representative is to get better and better at dealing with society and ourselves.

needs to be courted

Is there a present
Inside of me
I haven’t opened

As humans are we so
Unimaginably small and
Yet so complete

Is it that I take up no actual space
The brain’s memory is a history of my existence
And the history is getting shorter
As I get older

I sense I’m a well honed
Identity program
Created by my human animal

I’m guessing my body and its subconscious is my unopened present. The sages say the present can be opened but first the animal needs to be courted by somehow turning off the stream of thoughts I create out of habit and resting the mind with silence.

The traditional methods of courting are by noticing the feeling of the body’s breathing with periods of silence as the goal and by creating and noticing the comforting vibrations of a mantra repeated silently in the mind. Both or a combination of both will eventually bring periods of silence.

The being loves attention, and if I give it, I get back so much: a lot less knee-jerk and more calm and more friendly with an attitude of appreciation for the benefits and dangers of being human.