not knowing for sure

Is it that no one can prove or disprove there’s a punitive and loving God who knows all and keeps records of every thought, word, and act of every human?

Is the possibility of such a god rewarding those who believe in it with eternal joy in a heaven and punishing all of those who did not believe in it with eternal torture and will even torture forever those who never had the opportunity to know about its story of repentance and redemption a dramatic and compelling story? It really is. An eternity of pleasure or pain, what will it be earthling?

What is more likely to be real, an all-powerful and all-knowing God who is loving and punitive toward its creations, or is this just another story built of the words of a made-up god which was created by humans in order to band people together and to give power to the folks who created the god-story and to make these creators the natural leaders of this band of believers?

So, what should a person think?

Since both extremes (“There is a God” and “There is no God”) are beliefs and cannot be checked out to find what is the case, is it that both of these beliefs must have some amount of faith to maintain the beliefs?

If so, does this make atheism a type of religious belief, but one without the religious trappings?

Is this where agnosticism (the idea that nothing is known or can be known about any supernatural entity’s existence or nonexistence) is a more logical stance for those not able to know for sure about a god’s existence or non-existence?

Is living a life of not knowing for sure when it comes to something which cannot be known for sure a logical and desirable place for observation?

Is the best thing about agnostic thought not having to convince others they are wrong or right concerning God’s existence or defend anything concerning religion?


cliff of guilt

Do I thank my lucky stars for spiders because they keep the insects off of me? Sure, but how often do I thank them for this unbelievable service? Where’s this going? Is it over the cliff of guilt? Is it that if it’s not one thing, guilt is the other?

Is guilt a good thing? Is guilt part of our make up because if we couldn’t feel guilty, the earth would be a very different place and perhaps we humans wouldn’t even now exist?


does life pop

does life pop

Is the universe ablaze with life? If the conditions allow it, does life pop up, does life automatically start on a path to existence and then dies or survives on the way, and when it survives, does life eventually use DNA-like patterns and structures to do its greatest work? What would working on a masterpiece painting for three billion years feel like? Would the feel be the same every day?

Life survives or it dies, end of story? What are the odds that humans will never die out? One in _________ .

Is it that only a savage and intelligent animal as we might think about the cosmos and its age and how it and we came to be? Aren’t we lucky to be alive in this most exciting era of progress and so unlucky to have so much unnecessary suffering.

I just read (in NEWSWEEK’s December 17, 2012, issue) of a woman named Wahaba who was married off young to a monster husband who left her indoors with their kids (ages 4,6&8) and every night the husband went out and got drunk and would come home and call her a “whore, beat her senseless, and tie her to a tree in their dusty yard, leaving her there all night. Often she had to rely on the kindness of her neighbors, who would cut her ropes when they found her there in the morning.” It’s hard to believe the rest of the story. She was convicted of murder. And all she did was to tie him to the tree while he was drunk to show him how it felt and then during the night he collapsed because of his stupor and hanged himself.

Read the article to find out more details and the awful reason why she decided to “give him a taste of his own medicine.”