like a parachute

Is it that we don’t know what we’ve been missing until it shows up?
And then we can’t wait to judge it?

Could this new thing or idea be like a parachute, and if you pull the right cord or turn the right handle, it becomes huge and affects everything around it? Or not, because the cord or handle hasn’t been found or it has none. Or the idea or thing could easily be judged worthless.

The question is Will we ever put in the effort to find out? We ask, What odds are enough or beliefs strong enough to make us commit?

Some get what we want
Some want what we get
Some have what we like
Some like what we have
Some love to live
Some live to love

What are we up to?
Living and loving and dying and disappearing?


what leads to happiness (R rated)

Only cheerful teasing allowed
Keeping promises
Making firm decisions (see keeping promises)
Sharing see “Keeping promises” (kp)
Relaxing (see kp)
Exploring (see kp)
Persevering (see kp)
Giving (see kp)
Complaining only when necessary (see kp)
Doing: being able to act (see kp)
Being big enough to do what’s there (see exploring)
Getting in too big of a hurry during a crisis (see relaxing)
Following through (see kp)
Realizing that being right every time is boring
Loving the feeling of saying “so that’s what it feels like to be wrong” and laughing
Risking but not too much (see kp)
Relaxing (see kp)
Sometimes changing the subject to one where something can be learned or enjoyed
Settling differences with patience
Coming through (see kp)
Yielding to long-term thinking (see kp)
Reading and learning (see exploring)
Socializing in a loving manner
Self pleasuring
Doing what it takes to not be needy or greedy