the two best

America has nothing to fear from becoming more attentive and caring to all of its citizens. Is “the american way” becoming more and more greedy and less and less willing to assist those who need a helping hand?

The two best helping hands are a free first rate educational system for all (we are paying twice as much per pupil than countries with much better educational systems than ours) and good medical care as a human right for all of our citizens.

These two key things would create the situation where the sky is the limit for anyone who dares to think so. Our country would become a redwood of strength and an example to the world that change is usually for the better.

If change was smart enough to create us, it shouldn’t have become a bad thing as some would have us think.

And not the rigged country we live in today.

What is the matter with having a single payer health care system with no deductible, like Canada. Health is the most important thing. Money should only be paid to actual care givers.

doing is everything

Can we do nothing but do? Doing is everything? Think about it. And then we die and we keep doing?

Our bodies continue to disintegrate until they merge with the earth. Then while our remains are on the earth, we travel around the sun until the sun engulfs the earth in the far future, and all of our atoms which have spread around by then are burned to smithereens but survive as they are atoms. What are they doing? Existing.

Wait a minute! What happens to me the ego, my identity, when I die? Well, when my body dies, I will evaporate into nothingness leaving no trace on the nerve network in the dying brain which created me. I will disappear out out of existence as I’m an imaginary creation whose support has been taken away. There’s no more film in the camera. 

When our brains can no longer support our existence, we will exist no more. This is what science supports until a more rational idea is found. So, is the idea of “souls” invented and are souls nonexistent but used to capture and control us and to get a portion of our money?

Really? What about all the folks who got away with murder or worse? My thinking would say perhaps it’s the concern of the mature ones living while whatever is happening is happening. We could not and did not orchestrate the period before we matured.

So, most of us feel better about things because most believe a god exists who will punish the evil doers when they die, even the present evil doers. Belief can make us feel better.

We have plenty to feel responsible for and lots to do in the present. Why should we feel guilty for what happened in history? History is the teacher. Let’s apply the lessons and go forward.

Is it that if you don’t vote, you are a big reason why progress doesn’t advance as quickly as it could? We owe our ancestors for the innovations and lessons learned and our DNA. The present gives us parents, family, friends, opportunity, and more.

We always know here is where we are, yet it’s uncommon for us to feel the nowness of it. Why?

We are constantly occupied by language. Language is the beginning of the story. The question is will our language habit dominate until the end? Will we ever get to know our being? 

Does language keep us from experiencing the nowness of the present.

Is it that nowness engulfs the universe and does not move; we and everything else move through it and age as we do?


If we are responsible we
educate ourselves
earn money and manage it.

We use it to make the critical changes
which allow sustained growth
in many areas.

means we are
looking after our health.

Plenty of activity combined with a paleo diet
is hard to beat when it comes to
preserving health and
producing energy.

We keep
down different paths

until coming
across something
interesting which has possibilities.

Seeing the practicality in positive thinking
and using it to everyone’s
advantage = an A+

Feeling deeply
and picturing vividly
what is best prompts the mind
to work in the background and this work

helps to show us a way
which will
the vivid ideas
bloom into existence

bringing action to
make them

a nook

Do we have what might be called a nook here in our universe? And is our nook’s best feature its isolation?

Is the universe unbelievably vast and cold with hot spots and we are one of the many side shows having bloomed? Is it that the universe doesn’t care about us or any of the other possible sideshows? Why should it?

Isn’t caring the sideshow’s job?

Is it that the universe doesn’t care but supplies what is necessary for adventures to happen?

Is it have, do, be or be, do, have or etc.? Whatever the case, activity happens. Do. Doing. Done. Even when we do nothing, aren’t there billions of chemical and electrical processes going on in our bodies each second we live?

Their purpose is to keep us alive and healthy.

And to pay nature back for life and everything else, we’re the busy little bees knowingly defiling its nook.

Why? The Big Three. A lust for money (used for control), a lust for belief control, and a lust for selling the power to control. Generally speaking, you can reduce them to Money Religion and Politics.

All necessary things but being abused. The three things we’re “not supposed to talk about in polite conversation.” Why is this? Are there better examples out there most of us don’t know about?


money out of politics:kick poverty’s ass

money out of politics
kick poverty’s ass

kick poverty’s ass
money out of politics

money out of politics
kick poverty’s ass

kick poverty’s ass
money out of politics

money out of politics
kick poverty’s ass

kick poverty’s ass
money out of politics

money out of politics
kick poverty’s ass

kick poverty’s ass
money out of politics

money out of politics
kick poverty’s ass

Are these two statements
closely related? What would
happen if we took money out of
the electoral process and
while elected and later
when out of office?

Could this somehow
begin the process of
kicking poverty’s ass?

Would this also help level
the playing field for businesses?


be banked

If knowledge is money, is it because they both can come up short? And can be banked and used over and over and be squandered like time? Is it that time stands out because it can’t be banked or used again and again? Is this a revolting yet merciful default mode? Not being able to go back and do it differently and knowing this, a blessing?

Do opportunities and blessings
like clouds float in the sky noticed or not
and come and go like weather
with elegance, force, and beauty?


money is a story

Time is money as the saying goes, but at its deepest, is it that time is not money because time can’t be banked and used later? Is this other view of time almost the exact opposite of the saying? Or is this other view of time what makes the saying true? Can both be true?

Is money is a story based on time? Or timely payments?

Is it that time has a much greater value than money because money is just one of the many large stages to act on and time is the structure holding all stages?

Is time the key element because only it can allow the dimensions to do their things? Is time everything? Or are there three things, time the father and space the mother and everything the offspring?

Are we all spenders of the mystery?

Did anyone or anything ever say, “Let there be time”?

the healthiest thing

Is the saying “time is money” just one tiny view of time? Is it that time is almost all that money isn’t?

Does time have length like physical space? Did time have a start? Or is it that time having a beginning is an idea? Did time begin and unroll in a long line until the present and then will extend in a long line going into the future until the universe is all cinders? Would time continue so that the cinders don’t disappear? If the long line isn’t time, what is it?

Is time’s length real or do we give it the idea of something with length?

Do we run back and forth along this line using the idea of length not realizing time has a depth? Is depth time’s true nature instead of length? Could time be both length and depth? Or have we invented and added length as a convenience, a tool so useful it would be unthinkable to lay it down? Could it be that time has only infinite depth? Is time the tiniest of vertical moments but not having actual width because nothing could fit into it?

What does time provide? Is time so deep and motionless that it gives everything an opportunity to be and change. Is our universe floating in a curve or fountain of time? Is time the isness, the nowness, the container?

Is time simply opportunity? If so, for what? Everything? Is opportunity the healthiest thing that can be offered?

the playing field

Is it that finding one’s way out of one’s own normal, invisible, complex-dream condition can’t be done by proxy or by just asking?

Is it that all spiritual paths are individual even if some appear to be similar? Is it that everyone, in the end, is his or her own spiritual guru? The sages say that experiencing full awareness delivers a first-generation religious experience.

Could the greatest heroic act be the identity giving up itself on behalf of the being? Is this the adventure that many seek out when they begin to realize or suspect that there’s a lot more to life, and money, good works, power, fame, popularity or even poverty can’t make it happen?

Can a limitless world be discovered through a tear in the tent of language? Is finding time to relax the mind and actually relaxing the mind an art or is it warfare or is it both?

The sages say that seeking is the same as missing.

But they also say that seeking is fueled by desire.

And it’s desire that gets us into the ballpark.

The ballpark is the understanding there’s more to life and it’s available. And that more is communing with our body and the universe.

Getting into the ballpark eventually allows us to get out onto the playing field.

The playing field is a daily practice.

And a daily practice (some type of meditation) gives us the chance to get into the game of bonding with our own being and the universe.

And the game’s goal is to become silent on a regular basis and the sages say this makes us bait for the universe.

The above was taken from “The Adventure of Adventures” which is a sermon out of my book Discovering the Obvious which can be found at