a tool to get along

Am I an entity but not a physical thing?

Was I somehow created somewhere outside of the human animal by a “creator” who then magically placed me into a fertilized human egg or a newly born baby? Or…

Was I an entity floating through space, and while passing by the earth, I magically felt the almost unlimited potential of a new human baby? So I plunged toward earth and united with this new powerful life form where I immediately took up residence. Or…

Did my human animal build me over time from its interaction with family, friends and society until one day I realized that I should be responding to certain sounds and later realized that those sounds equaled me, my name, my identity?

Am I an identity that was wired (or programmed) into my brain little by little over time and was built by stored experiences using the brain’s network of nerves and was continually fed information from the five senses; then one day when very young, did I start to notice things in my memory and began to refer back to them again and again and then began to use them and the rest is my history?

Can I usually perform like a first rate companion for the human animal when I have been educated properly?

The creation of identity by the human animal was a great advancement, and made it easier for humans to survive and was used used mainly as a tool to get along in one’s culture. Identity is the basis of society.

I see clearly that my human animal keeps serving up the senses, creativity, and memory, but have I faced squarely the sureness of my animal’s death? Will its death also be my end? What can support me once my creator, my one-and-only sustainer is no more?

Will my dead body’s inability to create awareness cause me to crumble into nothingness? Is anything else magical thinking?