Do we make the future or does it overtake us? Does it all depend? Do both happen at the same time? Are the terms past & future very useful ideas but don’t exist and have to be projected into images and language which use up the nowness while they have our attention? Are these our favorite things as well as usually our only things?

What is it that doesn’t have our attention?

Will the drama of humanity end well or in a tragedy? Or some of each. Would it be hard for us to go out of existence without leaving the galaxy some unique experiences both good and bad in our wake? From the depths of time and space…

Why is the mundane so important? When we begin to notice the relaxedness and complexity of the now mundane, we start wondering why was this hidden to us? What or who was in the way?

Can satisfaction only be found where we are and in the nowness that’s always around? Is it that time doesn’t flow and nowness is non-moving but is used for moving stuff. Does nowness inhabit every square millimeter of this universe all at once? Is the time now on all the clocks in the know? Is it nowness that allows gravity? Is gravity nowness in disguise? Is nowness a fire against the coldness?

Can meditation assist the world toward peace and an end to poverty? Is the answer yes because…