comfort and hope

What are the classical religions? Are they very old and compelling traditions based on beliefs and promises passed on by the living to the next generation? Memes.

What is religion’s purpose? Is it to capture (save) large numbers of humans by giving them comfort and hope based on the promise of having a wonderful and never ending existence after death? Who can’t see the opportunity in that?

Organized religion is one of the greatest tools for herding humans. Nothing is wrong with this unless the power is abused by leaders. History is full of horrific examples of organized religion being used to abuse human beings.

Religion is the territory of belief and faith which makes for an interesting game of comfort and hope. But…

The odds are very high there is no afterlife, and if true, evildoers will not get their promised eternity of suffering, and the odds are exactly the same for believers to not receive their eternal rewards.

Is living not being able to know for sure what’s going to happen in the future the best way to live? Is it because the odds of an omnipotent, warlike, and vengeful god calling all the shots are so small, the god might as well be nonexistent.

Did the idea of a god existing come about to explain good and bad events as many have suggested and then did leaders pounce on the power of belief?


doubt and belief

What is the typical religious experience?

Here’s a try … You have to believe in unprovable things including holy scriptures which are believed to be 100% true and the only revelation to humans from the only true God, and if you do believe and repent, you will live forever in bliss.

The problem is each religion has its own holy scriptures and a different version of what’s 100% true.

This situation can cause doubt and it can be forgiven because as humans we make mistakes and are prone to doubt, plus churches don’t want to loose members, and so members are counseled that doubt is common and is one of the best tools of the evil one.

You have to believe in the supremacy of your beliefs above all others and in their unchangeableness. A promise is a promise! And it’s from the almighty and all-knowing being, the creator of the universe. Amen.

What about science? Scientists believe in what seems to be factual evidence until there’s enough evidence to produce doubt, and this doubt causes scientists to investigate further which can bring new ideas and can cause folks to understand things like…It’s the earth that’s spinning, not the stars.

To scientists and some religious seekers, doubt is not the enemy. Science looks at religion and asks what about all of the beliefs which claim to be perfect and fixed while disagreeing with thousands of others claiming to be perfect and fixed?

If almost all religions are claiming to be the only true religion, does it mean that at least one of them has to be true?

Is doubt the main road to truth and meaning?


only show in town

When one sees the value of a blissful eternity (as opposed to one of torture) as this amazing gift after death that isn’t even deserved, is it, with deep sincere gratitude, easier to believe in the promises and miracles? Is instilled in us a wanting to believe and a not wanting to believe posture? It’s our struggle and nature.

Are the gods who punish nonbelievers forever, just gods? What kind of a god would torture someone in a lake of fire forever?

A magical-made-up one with all power could scare folks into line long enough so its story becomes part of culture and is accepted and loved and along the way forced on bystanders for centuries.

What is the only show in town?



what leads to happiness (R rated)

Only cheerful teasing allowed
Keeping promises
Making firm decisions (see keeping promises)
Sharing see “Keeping promises” (kp)
Relaxing (see kp)
Exploring (see kp)
Persevering (see kp)
Giving (see kp)
Complaining only when necessary (see kp)
Doing: being able to act (see kp)
Being big enough to do what’s there (see exploring)
Getting in too big of a hurry during a crisis (see relaxing)
Following through (see kp)
Realizing that being right every time is boring
Loving the feeling of saying “so that’s what it feels like to be wrong” and laughing
Risking but not too much (see kp)
Relaxing (see kp)
Sometimes changing the subject to one where something can be learned or enjoyed
Settling differences with patience
Coming through (see kp)
Yielding to long-term thinking (see kp)
Reading and learning (see exploring)
Socializing in a loving manner
Self pleasuring
Doing what it takes to not be needy or greedy


a religious belief

Is not believing in religion a religious belief?
Is being sure there is no god* a religious belief?
Is admitting that one cannot know for sure if there is a god or not, a religious belief?

* god, an all-powerful and all-knowing being who created our universe by just speaking and who keeps records on every thought and action of every one of its creatures that has free will and has promised to reward all of those who believe and trust in it to an eternity of joy and bliss in their new glorified bodies with all of their senses in play and has promised at the last judgment to condemn all of those who do not believe and trust in it to everlasting torture that is just short of unbearable