Does a procrastinator say “Don’t fix me I’m not broken, I’m just in the habit of making bad decisions.”?

What is the bit of data that has been passed down to me that can help me put an end to putting off the things I know I should do? Is this the wisdom I avoid?

Is the wisdom I avoid “Why wait until I feel like doing something, to do it.”? Is this because it’s too easy to say “I’ll probably feel like doing it tomorrow. Yes, by golly that’s the ticket.”?

So, do I do it immediately or schedule it? Will creating a picture in my mind of me working on a project and then picturing the results of my beautifully mown lawn help start the process of getting it done?

Should I remember and hanker for those good feelings which come with having started something and then the feelings of getting the project actually done? Is it all up to me not to make it so hard on myself? Are we all perfectly imperfect?

Can anything be a project? Even doing the dishes?