silence is the medium

Ruth Whippman’s short article (on page 22 of the August 8th issue of Time Magazine) on “Women’s empowerment” was eye-opening. In her write up, Time mentions she has a book coming out October 4th entitled How Our Pursuit of Happiness Is Creating a Nation of Nervous Wrecks.

I know a little about the subject of pursuing happiness. She is right. It’s the pursuit that’s the culprit.

Here’s the deal, most psychology professionals will agree that when we pursue something we have to have, the pursued tends to be harder to catch. So, to obtain it, somehow we must get to the point where it doesn’t matter whether we have it or not.

This is the point where many professionals may part company. The ancients say a deep-down satisfaction cannot be found, it finds you. So here’s where the “somehow” comes in. How can this happen? The ancients say satisfaction is residing inside of us, and when we do helpful things for ourselves and others, happiness or satisfaction will happen. What could happen to influence us to be more helpful?

The ancients say the top most respectable thing we can do is to honor and be truly grateful for our own human animal.

They say our happiness is not out in the world around us; it’s in our animal, and we can commune with it and do it on a regular basis as you would commune with a loved one.

Silence is the medium.

Our animal is our all. Our appreciation of our being’s skills, talent and awareness is key.

Our animal keeps us safe in a pattern in its brain. [I don’t know if the ancients would agree with that statement.] And long ago, our animals put you an me in charge of their care about the time we learned to respond to our names.

So, how does this communing work? We use the animal’s awareness. Classical meditation (using a mantra and correct posture) helps at this point and allows us to drop our language habit for longer and longer periods and in different circumstances.

When there are no thoughts, you and I do not exist and our animal responds to this recognition of its total underpinning of our existence. Awareness or sleep happens. We need to practice being in the moment until we no longer need to practice it.

When we are in regular touch with our animal, our being, it can give us a continuous deep satisfaction even when we experience sad or hurtful situations. Happiness is something else and happens in a wide spectrum from joy at an enemy’s death to giving birth to a normal and healthy baby.

Deep satisfaction happens and is available if we don’t have to have it.

Meditation without expectation.


a cure-all

If there were
something coming
close to being a cure-all,
what would
it be?

Maybe meditation?

Because a
daily practice
drifts one toward
healthier foods and exercise.
There’s no compelling, this gradual
change comes with
the territory.

How does this work?

One becomes more and more
aware and takes note of the
true consequences
of bad habits
too much or
drinking too much
or eating processed foods, etc.

One becomes relaxed with moderation
and situations. Meditation
is also about one’s trip
to find out about
the silence
referred to.

Aren’t we always

Meditation assists
folks who are curious
and adventurous and wanting
somehow find a way to merge with reality
(the nowness) and by
default are after
an answer
to the
Is this all there is?

Is it there’s always more?


Is life a series of gettings and givings? A series of decisions made up of refusals and grantings?  Can one give oneself the gift of more time by becoming more aware, by taking more notice on purpose?

When I’m thinking, am I distracted from what’s going on around me to some extent? To observe deeply must I be silent?

How to spend time? Is now always the time to do what needs to be done? Does everything that is, have to be?

Where does time happen? Only in the now? Is there any other place? When does time happen? The present? Is there any other time? How does time happen? Is it that time doesn’t happen, it just is? Is it not linear but vertical and everywhere?

Is the real, here and now, and the not real, there and then? Is everything humming but we can’t hear it? Is time always an individual experience?

Is always so powerful a word that it should always be used carefully? Will the earth always be turning? Always seems to be at its best when used with questions.


If enlightenment is the answer, what is the question? Is it How do I find a way to be aware of being aware? In other words, how do I quiet myself down and become attentive to reality?

What’s keeping us from being fully aware? Are we gathering, processing, and producing information almost all of the time?

Is the best way to become aware finding a way to stop gathering, processing, and producing information? How? Relax and stop using language for a while every day. With a regular meditation practice, it’s possible to meet our maker. Who is? Our animal.

Is silence not the enemy but may seem to be? So who or what is keeping positive change at bay?

All things are as they are because of all the happenings which come before the present state of things. So things could be better but are as they are and can’t be any other way.

here & now

Is it
that I can’t
escape the present?

Am I stuck without hope
in the here
& now?

have I
experienced all

of what the here &
now has to

more to discover?

What about the affect silence
leaves on the

the present
always engulf the
thoughts of the future as
well as leave a trail of the past?
Do I not move through time and
time moves through me,
aging me as it

needs to be courted

Is there a present
Inside of me
I haven’t opened

As humans are we so
Unimaginably small and
Yet so complete

Is it that I take up no actual space
The brain’s memory is a history of my existence
And the history is getting shorter
As I get older

I sense I’m a well honed
Identity program
Created by my human animal

I’m guessing my body and its subconscious is my unopened present. The sages say the present can be opened but first the animal needs to be courted by somehow turning off the stream of thoughts I create out of habit and resting the mind with silence.

The traditional methods of courting are by noticing the feeling of the body’s breathing with periods of silence as the goal and by creating and noticing the comforting vibrations of a mantra repeated silently in the mind. Both or a combination of both will eventually bring periods of silence.

The being loves attention, and if I give it, I get back so much: a lot less knee-jerk and more calm and more friendly with an attitude of appreciation for the benefits and dangers of being human.


we identities

As my body dies, will I evaporate as I loose my ability to think as my brain looses its ability to function? Is this the only non-magical explanation for the ending of our existence?

After death do our bodies merge with earth sooner or later? After death will we exist as a memory then a record and then no more? How will this happen? Usually records which are no longer useful are eventually lost or deleted. Or will records last for ever in a digital world?

Three thousand years from now, records of our present day found by a researcher might be very interesting and entertaining to the machines and hybrids and the surviving humans. The folks alive today might be forgotten or be heroes in the stories of the social revolutions of the ancient ones.

Will we identities always be natural additions created by our own animal? Are we able to merge with our creator, our ride, by becoming silent? If so, what’s in it for us? Can we uncover a sensation of being everything, the feeling of being completely plugged into the universe.

As we know, being alive on the earth is the real deal and we get to be part of it as human animals and as creations of the animals we ride. What does that make me? Am I a unit of self-consciousness organized by my brain as an individual pattern, a pattern of software sporting a name? Am I a walking talking pile of awareness? Is the universe a giant chunk of awareness fashioned by gravity?


Thomas Edison said “The chief function of the body is to carry the brain around.”


“Our brain…weighs three pounds and has one hundred thousand miles of blood vessels, contains more connections than there are stars in the Milky Way, is the fattest organ in  your body, [What other thing besides this powerful organ could have created each of us?] could it be suffering this very minute without your having a clue.”

— The above quote is from the newly published book by David Perlmutter, MD with Kristin Loberg titled Grain Brain, The Surprising Truth About Wheat, Carbs, and Sugar — Your Brain’s Silent Killers