shielded and trapped

Is it that each individual is responsible for his or her own adventure toward fulfillment and every path to it is different?

Do all of us already carry around within us the truest and most valuable of things to uncover and experience: the mystery: reality itself providing our bodies? Are we all shielded from the everything by our identities and the continual use of language?

Why  should we take for ourselves all of the time available? Is it rational to think that giving up a small bit of time for our being’s sake would cause us to somehow become subordinate or to disappear?

Should we think of religion or spirituality as always having a maximum membership of one? Is each individual’s body his or her own church and guru whether he or she knows it or not? Are we all, with rare exception, trapped in the same natural predicament no matter what we may think?


what is the soul

a definition:
soul =  the spiritual or immaterial part of a human being
that is regarded by many as immortal

The dictionary says a soul could also be

A person’s emotional nature
A person’s moral nature
A person’s sense of identity
The essence of something

I vote for the last definition because to me my soul is my human animal. It’s my essence. It’s the fountain which supports my floating-bubble-like existence at its top. Without it I would be no more. I would wink out of existence because that dead human animal was my creator and total support.

Of course, if a religion teaches all of its God’s magical powers are real and if this turns out to be true, then a magical God would have to begin supporting my existence so it could torture me forever or reward me forever. What are the odds of that happening?

spiritual = having to do with religion or religious beliefs (dictionary definition)

spiritual = having to do with feelings like gratitude, graciousness, and love and there are other attitudes that can yield spiritual feelings like giving or receiving justice and giving or receiving freedom. I vote for this definition.

immaterial = something beyond physical

Am I a special dream of my wonderful craft? A dream which allows my human animal (what I feel is my soul) to sail along easily in whatever society into which it is born?

a bunch of zeros

Is it that the non-conventional becomes conventional then becomes old and is replaced and forgotten and then gains value as it becomes an antique object or idea? Is this sequence a single generation in ideadom?

What is it that allows a sequence to happen? What’s the context of time and space and all that’s in them? Isn’t text a context to the white space around it?

Does the mystery exist behind language not caring and ever patient?

Is the greatest mystery yet to be discovered because it can only be discovered or mined individually — person by person on one’s own — and afterward unable to be passed on or delivered to others? Is this a spirituality that has to be earned by being willing to wait for it and learning how not to expect it as opposed to just asking for it?

What is the thing that can get one started on this ultimate adventure? Is it that the most sophisticated dream has to begin to suspect that it’s a dream?

Am I a dream that dreams itself? A dream that’s real but still a dream? Am I like a bunch of zeros and ones on my hard drive and actually take up no actual room at all?


such great odds

Is to believe firmly that there is no god a firm foundation for an atheist? Is it a type of religious belief?

Is understanding that the chances of there being an all-powerful god with a human personality who will torture nonbelievers for ever and ever and reward the faithful with bliss for ever and ever so very very small that it becomes a temptation to believe firmly that there is no god and is it hard to resist this believing? Does an atheist have a spiritual nature?

What is a good way to set up the possibility of spiritual fulfillment? Could admitting that we will never be able to know for sure if there’s a god or not be a workable attitude with which to seek? But aren’t such great odds still tempting us to believe?

If there is no god, is it that it could never hold this non-believing against us?