the number-one trait hobbling humankind

What is the number-one trait hobbling humankind?

Could it be the propensity to believe in the magical and miraculous? (Richard Dawkins is the first person I heard use the term “magical thinking”) Do religions grow by promising eternal life and by telling stories of miracles and eternal punishment which are truly believed by those who are spreading the stories and promises?

There is real comfort received from sincerely believing one will have a wonderful life after death, a life which goes on forever and ever where it will be impossible to become bored. The promise of living joyously throughout eternity is claimed to be the case because it comes from a source that cannot lie but the promise comes with conditions.

A new believer in Christianity is assured he or she is one of the chosen who were predestined before the foundation of the world to live in glory with God and His angles forever and ever as stated in the Bible.

It is also promised that after judgment, all the rest will be spending eternity receiving continuous torture in a place filled with fire and brimstone. A fear tactic if I’ve ever seen one. Why will we suffer? Because we never heard “the Gospel” or we said “no thanks” to “the good news” when we had the chance or chances to accept it.

Can this source be trusted? Probably not with 36,000 other groups claiming that they have sacred scriptures which can be trusted? Is the “Gospel” just a miraculous story passed down to us which has a wondrous dramatic ending and delivers huge magical promises which give hope, longing, and comfort to those who truly believe in magic? Why do we believe? Is it usually because of how we were brought up or were we having a terrible life and the hope of heaven seemed so comforting or were we scared straight not wanting to be tortured forever?

Which of the two statements below has a far better chance of being true?

Every human will be aware forever…is a true statement.
Every human will be aware forever…is a false statement.

(A hint is below.)







One is magical thinking and the other is based on reason.



our territory

Is our territory an area composed of habitual word use?

If so, does this make us weightless riders and handy products of the mystery? Are we extra and a required tool for dealing with society in general? In the end is it for us to make the best of our animal’s situation?

Is identity a natural force in the development of the human animal? Is the identity a tool like capitalism is a tool? Is capitalism also an idea like the identity?

Socialized countries (like Canada and the Scandinavian countries) use capitalism as a tool for prosperity and at the same time limit it in various ways (the salaries of management, heavy fines for polluting, and forced clean up, etc.)

Once socialism has done its job, will almost all humans be educated, healthy as possible, free to travel and live anywhere on earth while progress moves forward by using reason, awareness, creativity, the unlimited natural energy from our star, the purity of our earth’s water, and the living creatures in our soil?

Is automatically trying to make the best of a situation the natural way of all life and to do otherwise is a decision that only humans can make? Is this why there is so much unnecessary suffering in the world?

How many species of self-aware animals do you suppose are here in our galaxy besides us?

magical thinking

What is meant by magical? Is magical thinking believing something which is not real to be something which is real? Is a religious faith filled with comforting beliefs such as surviving death on earth to live an eternal future filled with eternal pleasures the longest of long shots because the believing is magical?

If so, is magical thinking believing something will happen when the odds are that the something has almost a 100% chance of not happening such as making an elephant actually disappear from existence or believing the guarantee of spending an eternity filled with a bliss that never grows old and participating in unbelievable joys and games in and around the mansions of heaven as permanent guests of the creator of the universe and were selected by the creator before they were born because the creator knew they would be the ones who would love and trust it?

Does the story promising the joys of heaven and avoiding the eternal sufferings of hell substitute for a magician’s smoke and mirrors?


finding a way to relax

What a wonderful game – to seek pleasure – to escape boredom and suffering. Is the game a time eater? A lifetime eater? A natural trap?

How can I be content just to be? Would it require me to be in the present? How can I notice the present? What would it require? Does it only require waking up? If so, how to wake up? Realizing I am asleep? Then doing what it takes to wake up? Which is? Could it be finding a way to relax the mind enough to end thought for periods of time and then during these periods of silence not expect anything but be ready for the everything?

Doesn’t running away from suffering use almost all of my time? How do I change so that I can begin to use time differently? Must I see deeply that the war against suffering can’t be won? Is war just another way to suffer? Is it that almost every soldier feels that God’s on his or her side? And does this give war its noble tint?

Must I see deeply that society is a group dream just as I’m a dream? And a real dream just as I’m a real dream? An idea which doesn’t take up space? But takes up the true currency, time? Which is ok, naturally.

So, where’s the real non dreaming? Is anything permanent? If pleasure were the default mode, would I work and strive for moments of pain? Or would the two words pain and pleasure simply change their meanings?

If there could be a resting place where could it be encountered?