the captain

Is meditation the best tool
in resisting an

a ruthless
opponent who
will come up with and

do almost anything to keep its position
of being the captain
of its ship?

Is the identity so
full of fear of its human
animal it thinks if it ever yields its

position, its animal (the universe)
will never give it

strike gold

You never know what the tide will bring in.” is the great line by – you guested it – the screen writer of the movie Cast Away who wrote it for Tom Hanks to deliver. Truth stands out and is recognized immediately. There’s comfort in truth and urgency too.

To be harassed every day by knowing what going to happen equals no surprises, boredom. So What? Is it that the tide starts coming in every morning we wake and stops when we sleep again?

If you never know what the tide will bring in, what’s the best course? Should my best talent get my best time? And during the other times, should I experiment some, and is it possible to strike gold? Yes, metaphorically.

Like hatching an interest in the stone setting skills of the Incas. But seeing their work first hand is expensive and so one’s talents and experience have to come to the rescue. 

Moral to the story?

Begin to think longterm. Prepare, then you’ll have a chance. Be serious about learning. Work harder now rather than later is exactly what our parents and friends want for us.

We all are aware of this sage advice, it’s in the doing that makes a difference. Find a motivation. Wouldn’t it be nice to be able to fly to South America to see and study firsthand the Inca’s talent displayed?

“Being able to act is real power.” Tony Robins

Here’s a couple of adaptations of the “tide” quote above I’ve heard somewhere:

Things have a strange way of occurring. (So pay attention with as few assumptions as one can.)
Sometimes luck appears in disguise.

general relativity

According to General Relativity, as specifically stated by its author Albert Einstein, “Without matter there can be no space-time.” That is because space-time is relational (not a physical thing), and without matter there are no relations between physical things.

General Relativity is our most elegant and by far the best-tested theory of how matter, gravitation and space-time work.

So, in the beginning, some physical thing was needed for time and space to exist. Today our talented bodies exist as this trio. And we answers to names are complex entities having no matter and are relational and very useful tools created by our bodies to deal the social world. We identities are our animal’s response to the world.

What came first the chicken or the egg? The egg of course. Or did they both coexist all along the way to chicken-hood? They are expressions of the same thing: the egg/chicken. Is it that “you can’t have one without the other” as the song says.

We can’t even have a zero unless we have a one. Nor can we have a good without a bad. “I’m stuck in the middle with you.” Song after song after song. What if music would never stop? Would we all find ways to escape for rapturous periods of non-music?

Is contrast the essential element and discrimination the essential talent?

notice and relax

Is persistence the best resource? Even better than talent?
How would one live if approval is no longer needed?
How does one fix things so hurrying or rushing is not a problem?
By not putting things off?
Is life like sports in that “Every play makes someone happy.”
Why use positive language?
How do I set a stress alarm so I’ll notice and relax?
Does doing something constructive help dissolve worry and guilt
and give meaning in return?
Why blame or complain? Does it give an excuse for whatever?
How does giving an excuse make one appear?

gut feelings

Is it that life is amazing but it may not work out? How does one live life to its fullest? Will common sense help us understand our fear of change?

What can lead us? Is one of the things noticing our gut feelings while paying attention to what’s happening around us? Is this one of our greatest talents? And do we waste it by not paying attention?