to wake up to

Is to succeed
to spread one’s ideas
and talents across the world?

So let’s say that happens
or never happens…
then what?

What is it about reality that grabs one about the throat? Oh my, do I need to become meshed in a new project? Maybe, one big enough so that I’ll always have something to wake up to?

Why is it so hard to slow down? Was to be idle as an older child frowned upon? Get busy, time’s a wasting.

There we go blaming our enablers?


our only link

What is and who is the soul? Or is there no soul?

Dictionary Definition of soul: One’s spiritual nature and some believe that it will exist forever

Here’s one take:

The soul is the thing that goes to hell or heaven because it’s the thing making the right or wrong decisions.

This is the Christian view of the soul: it’s the identity (the ego) because it’s the one making the choices and is sinful through and through and needs redemption.

Here’s another take:

The soul is our source, the sustainer and the provider of services such as locomotion, the senses, the chemical powerhouse in each or our cells. Our soul exists only in the present moment.

It’s the human animal that gets my vote for being the soul. Why is the human animal so important? Is our body and its wonderful talents our only link to the all, the everything, the nowness, the real, the truth…to nature in all of its loveliness and horror?

When our creator and sustainer is no longer alive, what can sustain us?  How can the consciousness, the awareness, the identity, the chooser survive?