alive and self-conscious

What a wonderful thing to be alive and self-conscious on this planet and on top of that science is telling us there are billions of planets here in our galaxy which are located in what is called the sweet spot which is the distance from a star where life can easily form. And there are billions of galaxies in our universe. So it’s not hard to think there probably are millions of civilizations out there.

It’s wonderful to be alive on this earth and living in this wonderful country. It’s not perfect but I think it’s still good at its core and filled with millions and millions of wonderful people. As a nation, our great asset is the huge group of nonpolitical leaders like the persons in charge of the TED broadcasts and others like Bill Gates. These nonpolitical leaders are everywhere.

There’s still opportunity in our country and to take advantage of it, the average person needs a better education which is now available and free. Check out In the school systems using the khan academy, the educators are becoming mentors instead of instructors.

Students for homework learn from the academy and then in class the next day the teachers notice the students who don’t quite know the lesson as well as they should and give them the attention needed for them to catch up.

The khan academy is built around not moving to new material until the students are experts on and can explain to others the material which has gone before.

It’s wonderful to be alive. But one not-so-good thing is that I will die. And maybe that’s not such a bad thing but dying before one’s natural time is a different story. And still there is a wonderful thing about dying. It’s that I will not exist after the animal dies because the animal created me to better get along in society. Is there no human soul, just an identity or ego?

Anyway, who would want to exist in the presence of a god who would torture anyone, even a Hitler, forever and ever. Let’s say Hitler is responsible for 10 to 15 million deaths or more, and all were very gruesome. Say, a year of punishment for each death. That’s 10 to 15 million years of torture. That’s so long my mind cannot contain it. Even a million years of torture would be too much. But forever and ever? Come on. Only a human would come up with that.

Isn’t it rational to think punishment is an invention of nature and as advanced animals, we humans are trying to change and perfect it?