is perfect if
one has insight.

Is it
that time doesn’t
move, but it allows movement?



the difference
between the past and future?
We can try but we
can’t change
the past

And the moment
can’t be any

This last statement looks to me to be a semiautomatic handgun. If you squint, it’s easier to see. I didn’t mean for it to happen. The wording created the shape. And I happened to notice it and thought it to be appropriate because the statement is like an invisible gun pointing at us constantly.

the direction of change

The moment doesn’t go anywhere, but it always faces in the direction of change. And change always takes everything in the universe along with it, including the absence of things.

Does this mean there is no escape hatch for us? Is there no leaving behind? What are the odds? Are they so high and unknown they’re not worth talking about?

It’s not often one gets to use the word always literally.

time (by an amateur)

Does the moment include everything because everything can’t be anywhere else. Both past and future are ideas held in the moment’s grip for there is nowhere else to be.

Does the nowness allow things to exist? Is time the head of the heap? Is it the same time throughout the universe? If matter did not exist, would time exist?

What is it like to slip from one moment to the next? Is time a moving target, and if anything, instead of jumping from one second to another as some timepieces do. Is it like the electric wall-clock’s second hand which moves what seems to be continuously? Maybe not?

Could time be smooth with no wrinkles anywhere to measure? Is time actually ageless and stationary and everywhere and matter moves through this universal size matrix of time and the movement causes normal things to change and age? Do universes get sucked into being by time?

Science says the faster one travels the slower one ages.

Since the earth and its life is traveling very fast through space, does this mean that a person who is 50 years old here on earth would be ,say, 50.0001 of our years old if he or she had lived on a slower moving planet?

Is there anything stationary in the universe? Does the statement “Everything is relative.” mean everything is in motion?

I’m not a regular scientist, but I do love it. I believe science is the best hope for saving all life on earth from us. I’m talking about the essence of science, the sincere search for truth and what it means.

the moment

Is life universal and the
moment always

does soil exist?
To leave tracks in?

Why does water exist?
To sail

And do whatever with,
in or on? What if there’s no
official purpose for water or soil?

Does that go for the whole universe
too? Yes, because everything
is nothing but

we ride
the isness
and make purpose our own?

for being?
Even language
came out of nothing.
Is everything a creation?

Is it that even gravity
pulls only in the

The past and
the future are locked
away and shouldn’t we be glad?

“Love the one you’re with”
as the tune advises
so, take care of
your body?

Find if you can
the moment and exist
there and experience your being

Is this the ultimate game
and so became part
of religion.

the game
can be played
by a single player.

And a person never has
to join anything
to play.

If you want to play, I can recommend the book  Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind by Shunryu Suzuki. He encourages one to advance to the traditional sitting posture with crossed legs as soon as one can. I found (out of necessity) a straight-backed chair or even a car seat can be used to advance in my practice. Advance to the traditional posture when desired.

The important thing is meditation.

Also, excellent meditation instruction can be found in Dr. Herbert Benson’s 1970‘s book The Relaxation Response. (A scientist checks out the claims of Transcendental Meditation.) Used copies of both books can be purchased on