the isness

Is truth the isness of every moment?
Do the past and future
actually exist?

Only in our
thoughts which are
in a world of imagination?

Is there no physical
presence to

we write
them down
or record them?



Is the

success to
put perfection
on the bench and to

delegate duties where
our input is not

Perfection comes
from its being relaxed
while waiting on the bench

yet ready to go when called
upon like the cells of
our bodies are.

Doing the above gives us time to work on creativity and strategy, two of the things needed for accelerating  growth.

So, we need a plan based on creativity and good strategies, then we have to act on our plan to change our course.

Every situation is perfect in a way because everything existing and happening in the universe is built on the real history from the BB up to the breath we are taking whether we are aware of it or not.

For the
present moment
to be any other way is
not possible. Can we guide ourselves
only in this moment which is
hugging us from all

zero inches tall

Is the universe random and ordered at the same time?

Does the universe appear random to us because we can’t know everything about the past? Can what we don’t know hurt, help, and/or surprise us?

Is the universe the way it is because everything is in relation to each other according to gravity and other universal forces? If so…

Things are as they are because of everything that has gone before yields the present moment, and because of this, the present cannot be any other way. Is not this reasonable when we think about it?

Does the obvious tend to be zero inches tall and so we look past it? Are things are as they are because of a zillion zillion reasons with no end in sight to their automatic profusion?

floating in the froth

Are past and future real and not real at the same time? Not real because they are ideas but real because they take up actual time in the present thinking about them. It is their setting that makes them real, their stage, the present.

Are the last moment and the next moment always established on opposite sides of the present? Is the answer “no” because I’ve inherited a linear time line because it’s so practical and useful, but how do I apply this horizontal time I exist in to the only thing around: the immeasurable thinness of a vertical present?

Is time the thing which makes the room for every thing else? Or is time created by matter the second matter happens? Is everything (energy and awareness) a fountain and we’re floating in the froth at the top as tiny psychological bubbles which will eventually pop?


truth & meaning

Could it be that we can find out who we are and why we are here?
But…if we find out these things, what then? 

Would finding truth & meaning help out along the way? Is it that truth is everywhere and exists only in the present moment? And does meaning build itself from what we do and not do?

Is it that we are truth through and through? Is it that we don’t find meaning—it finds us? Just like happiness does?

So, what are we and what created us? Are we special dreams and is our creator the steed we ride?