to spur visions

We all know by now:
Our thinking can hold us back
because it can be too negative and wishful.

But don’t
we need some
negative to spare us disasters
some wishful to spur visions?

In the
wise words
of the wise everywhere:
“Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.”
In new words, Don’t take the
spices and knowhow
out of the

And the
saying could mean:
Notice what you’re doing! and
Don’t reveal your strategy before a contest. Etc.

Teachers can use the putting wise sayings into one’s own words to give their students a creative exercise using sayings like the above “Don’t throw the baby out with the bathwater.” And later ask, Who would like to read theirs? Then have them take turns reading what they have created and fun is likely to happen.

As you know, there are many books of great quotes and sayings to draw from. The combination of exposure to your selections of great thoughts and a child’s deep participation in the essence of the sayings can build a reservoir of lifelong positivity. (This is an opinion, obviously, but it may actually happen. It surely can’t hurt can it?) Also…

Parents can write a saying on a piece of paper and give it to their child and say “See if you can put this saying into your own words.” And afterwards, talk about what he or she has written.

Parents and teachers should give an example
when introducing the exercise.
Suggested time allowed for creation: 3-5 minutes or
until the class noise begins to rise.
Suggested age: The student or child should know
how to read and write.

To your students or child you might say ”You may be asking yourself Why are we doing this? It’s an exercise in creative writing. It gets your mind working to create something original. You’ll catch on and it’s fun…creation feels good.”


Is life a series of gettings and givings? A series of decisions made up of refusals and grantings?  Can one give oneself the gift of more time by becoming more aware, by taking more notice on purpose?

When I’m thinking, am I distracted from what’s going on around me to some extent? To observe deeply must I be silent?

How to spend time? Is now always the time to do what needs to be done? Does everything that is, have to be?

Where does time happen? Only in the now? Is there any other place? When does time happen? The present? Is there any other time? How does time happen? Is it that time doesn’t happen, it just is? Is it not linear but vertical and everywhere?

Is the real, here and now, and the not real, there and then? Is everything humming but we can’t hear it? Is time always an individual experience?

Is always so powerful a word that it should always be used carefully? Will the earth always be turning? Always seems to be at its best when used with questions.

the two-sided spectrum

Is there one thing

incorporating the two?

Allowing the use of the whole

spectrum to make decisions,

with this guiding principle,

if something’s not hot, it’s cold,

it’s the two-sided spectrum

of black and white thinking.

It’s also the world of

the sketch artist and early TV and

Brando and foreign movies which is fine,

but what’s the matter

with some


Is it that color should be highfalutin

and not black and


Is what highfalutin 

does, what highfalutin is?

What has only one side?

An answer is below…

A mobius strip which is slightly rounded from side to side so each side blends with the other, giving no measurable width to the ultra sharp edges.

Here’s some questions I’ve asked myself, but I don’t have the math ability to find the answers:

What would π (3.14159) be in a 6-digit (0-5) numbering system?

Could there be a numbering system where π would be a whole number? If so, how many digits would it take? Two or a zillion?

coax the real

Can the real be coaxed into showing itself?

Can a person dream the human dream and still coax the real into showing itself? Is it that the real is not hiding in the way a flower is not hiding from our sight. Can a flower sense the real? Probably yes because the flower does not think.

Does our constant use of language keep us from sensing reality at full strength?

the third option

Is it that duality is part of existence? Creation and destruction, Yin and Yang, hot and cold, description and judgment, etc. etc.?

Is the huge playing field between the extremes waiting on us? Well, maybe it’s not waiting, but if it’s there, why do we mostly hang around the edges?

Is it that we are addicted to something close to black-or-white thinking because this type of thinking makes things simpler and easier to explain?

Out of habit, do we think the following: “If it’s not this, it’s probably that”— as in, “If a person is not going to heaven forever then he or she is going to hell forever.”?

Is the third option the road to take? Is this lifetime here on this planet the only chance we will ever have to know anything heavenly or hellish and what’s in-between?


might it just be language

Is it that life and existence are meaningless
or is it that life is full and overflowing with meaning
but I’m shut off from it by my beliefs
or might it just be language?

Am I shut off because I’m thinking I’m separate
and is thinking I’m separate enough to create the illusion
that my life has little significance?

Is to be a part or separate the question?