the heavy lifting

Should I stop making excuses and stop trying to make others happy?

Am I really a victim and have the desire for others to make me happy and assist me in thinking better thoughts?

Who should be doing the heavy lifting?

Getting outside with nature
and breathing its
fresh air

and not
paying too much
attention to tech by being creative

and thinking mature thoughts about myself.
Having desires and visions
the way
learning how to…just be.

the most important

Is what I think about myself and
my other thoughts the
most important

Or is it
the judge?

Is life’s greatest talent
Even in

and white
world there’s many
shades of

waiting and hoping

Are we all in some way waiting and hoping? Does this keep us fixed on a future which doesn’t have the best odds of happening because just using the word waiting makes the hoping a long shot? Does waiting give the impression that the one waiting cannot do anything to change the situation and is left to take whatever comes?

So what to do? What to think?

Does being occupied doing something constructive help proper thoughts come in their own time? Is it a much better situation than doing nothing and waiting for the proper thoughts to come so they can be acted upon?

Does activity spark positive thinking? Does variety spark creativity?


the third option

Is it that duality is part of existence? Creation and destruction, Yin and Yang, hot and cold, description and judgment, etc. etc.?

Is the huge playing field between the extremes waiting on us? Well, maybe it’s not waiting, but if it’s there, why do we mostly hang around the edges?

Is it that we are addicted to something close to black-or-white thinking because this type of thinking makes things simpler and easier to explain?

Out of habit, do we think the following: “If it’s not this, it’s probably that”— as in, “If a person is not going to heaven forever then he or she is going to hell forever.”?

Is the third option the road to take? Is this lifetime here on this planet the only chance we will ever have to know anything heavenly or hellish and what’s in-between?


the steed i ride

Do I want a better me? How could this happen?
Could it be that finding out who I am and
what gave birth to me
and why I exist
do the trick?
But…if I find out these things, what then?

Will I still have to learn how to deal with me?
If so, how is this done?
Does finding truth and meaning help
along the way?

Is truth everywhere and exists only
in the present moment? And am I part of it?
Does meaning build itself from what
I’m doing and not doing?
Including thoughts and their absence?

Is it that I don’t find meaning—it finds me?
Just like happiness does?
So, what gave birth to me?
My gifted being: The steed I ride?

word clouds

At bottom, is a belief a type of dream? Are beliefs word clouds that rain upon me without end, yet aren’t some of them pointing to an inexpressible creative energy, to something beyond belief? Is the real beyond belief?

Is this stable but changing moment all there is? Is time a stationary but moving target? Is it that the past and future can only exist in the nowness that’s so large it can’t be conceived of yet so small it can’t be measured?

Is it that I can’t know the mystery using any of my thoughts, so should I try to see if I can know it directly without using words?