an afterlife

Is going to church worth it just for the social interaction. On top of that isn’t there hope and faith and trust to help make an afterlife more real to the believer?

Is survival so part of our nature that the appeal of an afterlife is almost irresistible? Is this why an afterlife or a coming back to live another life here on earth is a part of all the major religions except Buddhism?

Buddhists accept that they are already living the only life they will ever know and they share this view with atheists, agnostics, humanists, and others who don’t claim any faith but are simply non-religious.

If beliefs are either true or not, what are the odds of any particular belief being true when it involves totally accepting something as fact that cannot be said to be factual? Are the odds at most 50%?

Do the odds actually depend on how magical the belief is? Is it that if I have believed something for most of my life, will it not seem preposterous even if it is?



Do religions, with their special teachings and miracles to believe in, build up a heavy mental load for their converts to carry?

Is this where faith comes to the rescue? When it comes to complete trust, is faith a nice comfortable bed for unprovable beliefs?

Is having religious faith like already having the thing we’re hoping for and evidence of something which is probably in an imaginary reality? (my paraphrase)