i dream therefore i am

Below is my attempt to introduce some of the greatest insights ever dreamed, and they suggest there’s another mindset available to us, and as the mindset sets in, the sages say a person becomes harder and harder to offend.

Indian sages have described reality as having three parts:

The main reality is the world of truth. Truth is everything existing. Us too. All is truth. Only truth can exist. When a lie is told, it will always be true a lie was told. Situations cannot be any other way.

The next part of reality is non-truth. It is composed of nothingness: the total nonexistence of physical things, non-truth = non-being, non-existing

The last part of reality is dreaming and is called maya. The dictionary definition of maya is “the illusion or the appearance of the phenomenal world” which is to say dreaming is the illusion or the appearance of the world which comes about when we experience our surroundings via our senses.

Maya has no real existence because it’s not physical, but it’s also truth in a way because the dreaming actually happened. Maya is a combination of the first two parts of existence: the real and the not real together at the same time.

Why think about maya? We dwell on maya in order to realize we dream even when we are awake. The brain is full of maya and produces it automatically. Maya is the state between being and non-being developed by the brain.

Our minds interpret what we sense, so what we get is secondary and not primary. The primary is reality itself. And between the primary and the secondary the sages say a dream is formed. (The dream might be of having a better wife or wanting a more caring husband or thinking about a friend who’s a real friend or thinking of friend who might be an enemy or the dream of having a new car, etc., etc.) Dreams aren’t real but they have happened and are happening.

All of this means dreams don’t last but atoms do. The search for fulfillment could be called Let’s get to know the Atoms. Since dreaming keeps one’s identity in place, I dream therefore I am. By daily interrupting the unbroken dreaming habit, one can come to know truth.

What advice, if any, would you expect here? If you are searching for that something extra in life, start meditating

(classical meditation: relax by sitting comfortably with eyes closed and repeating a mantra and/or relax by sitting comfortably with eyes closed and paying attention to the breath)

and read what the sages have left for us. Do these things (daily is best) and you may experience being an actual part of the Universe knowing for sure you are not separate and knowing you belong.

Don’t rush because you are able to rush. The trip is the thing. Become constant with the philosophy “easy does it.” Life’s greatest adventure is not a dash for the finish line. Not having to complete life’s greatest adventure will bring it within reach. So be cool.

If you don’t know where to start, I recommend Zen Mind, Beginner’s Mind (Informal talks on Zen meditation and practice) by Shunryu Suzuki. Also, the recorded conversations (in book form) of Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh are excellent regardless of the mess he got into here in the U.S.


humming along

Could it be as simple as…Everything is as it is and that’s what truth is? Hollywood speak: “It is what it is” actually fits the definition of truth, but…

Is truth too easy to talk about? We have vague imaginings of everything humming along together in a constantly changing now, but is this reality slippery when we try to experience it via mindfulness or attempting to feel ourselves as safe in a very snug part of the mystery?

Why is it so hard to feel perfectly included? Is there something in the way? If so, what is it?

Is it the something which usually takes credit for all of the human animal’s talents? What would happen…if I, the identity, the ego, the entity my animal created to handle things were put in charge of my being’s immune system and its eyesight? I would be blind almost immediately and soon die from a small infection.

Am I hardly more than a chooser and companion? These are my talents, and I’m scared I’ll loose my seat of power if I ever give it up, but is this very unlikely because I’m needed by the animal to choose and get along in society.

But can I trust my own reasoning?

Why fear change when change is the the game everything is participating in? Is change humming along with or without our awareness of it?

truth doesn’t care

Why do we use our biases quickly, and without a lot of conscious thinking, and use only parts of the information which harmonize with our beliefs, and then use it to establish or decide what is right and wrong?

Once we have an opinion or belief, it’s our nature to want to hang on to it because it feels so good to be without a doubt, right, correct, in the know and on the way.

We add new information when it comes along if it compliments what we already think or believe. And it’s rejected if it conflicts with what we already think or believe. We are all guilty and can change this by becoming more aware.

Science calls this confirmation bias, and confirmation bias gives us reasons to form alliances with like minded folks.

Is it that truth doesn’t care
if it’s recognized
or not?

In the entire universe
can only life

the projector of truth

Is it that truth cannot lie?
Is the answer
yes or

Is it both? If so, does
make it

Does truth
fall another way
in that it’s true a lie was told?

If so, is everything that’s

Is truth
the isness of
everything, including us? 

So, is it that truth doesn’t lie but
is the stage for lies and

If so, truth encompasses all the good,
the bad, and the in-between
and every cubic
our four
Is nowness the projector of truth?

booby prize

Is learning how to accept what already is the case, the foundation of the house of happiness? Knowing what is so is constantly changing so it’s hard to keep up with.

Does love communicate naturally? Is health where you take part or loose it? Is knowledge a booby prize but too useful to suspend? Is the first and last truth an experience rather than an idea?

Is truth an idea as well as a physical thing?

What’s the greatest truth? The isness of existence? Or is it finding out what’s for supper? Is the greatest truth the current one?

the really big clue

As a humanist, it’s normal for me to think everything happening in our universe is occurring naturally, even if it looks or seems like a miracle, and it’s normal for me to think there’s no such thing as an all-powerful overseer in charge with a plan for part of humanity to live in bliss forever with the overseer while the rest of humanity is tortured forever along with all other enemies of the overseer.

It seems the major vulnerability of humanity is it’s so easy for folks to believe in forms of supernaturalism: fairies, gods, spirits, etc. (We all want to be safe, and if possible, to exist and be safe forever. As kids, it’s easy to think “All these grownups believe in miracles, so miracles must be real.” etc.)

Almost all religions are saying their truth is the only truth and promise the rewards to the faithful will fulfill all of the heart’s desires. The catch to this apparently ideal situation is a follower usually has to die. So, the reason for the word FAITH, the workhorse of religion.

This is the really big clue. Ask, what are the odds? Are normal religions like lottery tickets and serve well as social clubs?

It’s reasonable to think the believers who die will never wake to see if their truth is the real truth or not among the thousands of others all claiming to have the only truth.

What are the odds of real magic existing?

And what are the odds of a person being brought up in a home in possession of the real spiritual truth? 

If I had been born in India by Indian parents, I might today be a Hindu or Sikh and believe just a sincerely in Hinduism or Sikhism as a follower of Christianity or a follower of Islam believes he or she is following the true path leading to eternal satisfaction and salvation. A Sikh might pity them both.

For me it’s reasonable to think all religions and their belief systems came from human minds. So, could there really exist an all-powerful overseer who has sicked a strict and harsh religion first on its own women and then on the rest of the world?

God’s will

Do religions hang on to their magical traditions because for the members the magic is truth to its deepest level, even in the remotest of possibilities? How? Everything that happens can be explained as God’s will.

And do magical ideas like this also serve as a way to avoid the actual truth by rarely thinking of the billions of others in the world believing sincerely many very different versions of religious truth? Most folks sincerely believe in the realness and trueness of their own beliefs and are just as sincere as others who worship a different god and have different beliefs. Can they all be right? Hardly, and no one can win the sincereness competition because sincereness is total or it totally disappears. Is it you’re sincere or you’re not?

Our history shows us as curious creatures and easily controlled by magical spells, and we are still susceptible to magic’s ancient pull. Are we born believers? Is it that we had to be believers to survive? 

So how can one survive death? Religion? It’s one of the best rackets. First, invent the human soul which will have the characteristic of existing forever. Now it’s open season on humans everyday of the year because you don’t have to be in a king’s family to have power. All you need is a good story with a place where the soul can live on after death. And if your story isn’t all that good, you can swallow the best religious stories around and make them part of yours.

Believing we have an eternal soul and the existence of an afterlife, we would strain to hitch our imaginary soul to some type of heavenly place and live happily ever after. This would involve magical thinking. Does real magic exist or is there a real explanation (known or unknown) that is not magical. An example: We normally think it’s impossible for a single object to be in two separate places at the same time, but this happens as a normal occurrence in the quantum expression of the universe.

A promised happy afterlife for the soul is the big draw and the biggest muscle of the classical religions (except Buddhism).

If a person believes there’s no afterlife, would he or she be more likely to stop and smell the roses? It’s true, atheism is a belief criminals and good folks both share.

And traditional religious folks don’t like atheistic or agnostic ideas because these two bring attention to the magical nature of religious beliefs and can and do cause doubting which is part of waking up.

Is it that we all snore and that snoring is our wonderful language. Is it that it’s not religion but the habit of language which keeps us in the corral, unable to merge with the all.

the most important thing

There is a Zen teaching which goes

 The most important thing
is remembering
the most important thing.

It is up to us to figure out what that is for ourselves.

What do you mean? Because there are so many versions of truth in the world, how am I supposed to know which one is correct? What is the ultimate truth?

That’s why we have to answer what is the most important thing individually. Are we comfortable with what the most important thing is? No, it’s probably not what you’re thinking now, but one day it may occur to you, and it will be solid one hundred percent.

go poof

Is it rational to think I have a soul inside of me that existed before I was born, and when I die, it will exist on forever?

Are our souls the souls of angles who were sent to get some R&R and we don’t know it but god doesn’t know everything and this is god’s way of sorting out the good and faithful apples and banishing the rest?

How likely is it each of us has an eternal soul? If so, how did it get inside of us? Would believing in eternal souls be like believing elves actually live in the deep woods? Are eternal souls and elves the same type of magical thinking?

And no one can prove eternal souls and elves are not true. However logic can show it’s very unlikely and a very long shot simply by pointing out religious versions of the truth are in the thousands, all claiming their version is the real and only truth.

There’s only one kind of scientific version, the one that explains and works.

It’s rational to think my brain is the only thing around that has the power to create such a thing as me and did so, so I could fit in with with my fellow humans. My identity or ego makes it easier for me to fit in, I was given a name for my powerful brain to latch on to and identify with.

So, at the end my life when my support system and creator (the human animal) dies, can I do nothing but go poof? Why? The circuits in my brain which supported me no longer can send messages.

Wouldn’t any other reality be a magical one, like believing Santa is really real? Until one day one thinks “How does Santa get those presents down through the chimney without getting them dirty? Well, no matter because I love those presents!”

Believing doesn’t make something so, but why gamble? the religious folks ask and are answered back The odds of your being right are not 100% or even 50/50 as you may think. The odds are so long, knowing them might make you dizzy. Plus, there’s a rational explanation for the identity’s birth and death.

If one’s logic returns the idea there’s no afterlife, wouldn’t one be more liable to stop and smell the roses? Is the human animal every identity’s soul?